Mofluid 1.18 Release : Grouped Products, Stock Management & Much More

After 1.17 of Mofluid 1.1.8 here we go. Mofluid plugin never stops improving.

Based on feedback and needs of our clients, we keep developing our software, so that we can offer the greatest and most valuable benefits for our users.

In our new release of version 1.18, we implemented new features as well as a multitude of improvements. All these developments will allow you to grow your business, make higher profits.

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Mofluid 1.18 will pave the way to your success – through smarter estimating and increased productivity with following new and improved features :

  • Easy for you to Manage your Stocks
  • Create your Grouped Product with a special price
  • Enhanced Page Transition Effect
  • Improved Menu Slider
  • New Payment gateways integration

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1. Easy For You To Manage Your Stocks

Tired of managing inventories for your products?

Mofluid version 1.18 has the solution for this. Now with mofluid you need not to care about your product’s inventory, all you need to do is to just upgrade your current version to 1.18.

You can do it all by following the simple steps to get rid of stock management problem forever.

You just need to set Manage Stock-NO in Magento admin panel under Configuration inventory and this will work for your app as well.

Simplify, streamline and automate your operations. Start controlling your inventory today!

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2. Create Your Grouped Product With A Special Price

Now Mofluid Supports one more product type – Grouped Product.

let’s say you want to sell the camera lens + a memory card + a camera. Each of those items would be simple- products; you would group them together as a “grouped” product that you could offer in the store app (perhaps with a special price).


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3. Enhanced Page Transition Effect

Your customers tend to care more about speed than all the bells and whistles in your mobile app. Additionally, page loading time is becoming a more important factor when moving back to the previous page.

No worries now! Moving back to the previous page is much easier now.

With Mofluid 1.18 the back page transition becomes smoother now there will be no blank page when you click on the back button from any page.

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4. Improved Menu Slider

Experience the improved version of the Menu Slider in 1.18 Mofluid. It is customized in a way in order to make it more user friendly.

5. New Payment Gateways Integration

Choosing a payment gateway can be a tough task. Different customers have very different needs in terms of the gateway service that suits them best. Mofluid introduces different payment gateway as per the requirement of customers. In this version, Mofluid comes with two new payment gateways :

Multisafepay : Mofluid now supports Multi Safe Pay, it allows you to collect payment without requiring a SSL on your portal. The Multi Safe Pay provider supports transaction in the euro currency.

Instamojo : Mofluid introduces Instamojo specialy designed for growing businesses & the self-employed. For those who want more than just a payment gateway.

Stay tune for more updates!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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