Best Shopify App Ideas

Editor’s note: Just like the app ideas here, do you have something on your mind too, which you like to see implemented on your Shopify store? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. There are thousands of store owners who hire Shopify app developer services to develop a Shopify app of their choice. Not only is this a robust solution to implement functionality, but gives them a lot more than what the standard apps offer.

With close to one million registered merchants, Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform on the internet.

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Best Exit Intent Popup Shopify Apps

Editor’s note: There is one thing in common with all successful Shopify stores. They make good use of exit intent pop-ups. Luring customers to complete the purchase by offering last minute discounts, and offers is a great retention strategy to boost sales. Building email subscribers is another advantage these apps offer. For more dynamic experience, reach out to experts in the domain. Connect with EbizON, one of the best Shopify app development companies around. 

Building a successful eCommerce business requires more than just an attractive store design. You need to rake in revenue and profits to stay in business. This requires closing up every possible leakage from your sales funnel.

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75+ Paid & Free Shopify Apps [Ecommerce Experts Recommend]

Editor’s note: With so many apps on the Shopify app store, there is virtually nothing that Shopify stores can’t do. Checkout apps, Shipping, Marketing, Sales, SEO, you name it, they have it. That said, it’s natural to get bogged down with the problem of plenty. Making it easier for you, Ben has picked over 70 expert recommended apps in this post that you can use. Alternatively, you can hire Shopify experts if you have your own ecommerce ideas to give shape to.

Shopify is the second most popular eCommerce platform. In fact, it has a 31 percent market share, dominating the eCommerce market. 

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10 Best Pop-up Window Shopify Apps

Editor’s note: It’s difficult to find an online store these days that doesn’t use popups to connect with its customers. Stores understand how important they are to their marketing, sales, and conversions. If you haven’t tried them yet on your Shopify store, connect with EbizON, one of the best Shopify app development companies in the market. They will help you with setting up pop-ups in your store. 

One of the most effective ways to increase newsletter and email list subscriptions is by using pop-up windows. pop-up windows are the perfect balance between having a clear CTA and not being too pushy. 

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5 Shopify Checkout Popup Apps That Boost Conversions

Shopify Checkout Popup Apps That Boost Conversions

Editor’s note: Pop-up apps are a popular way to get customers’ attention, show offers, customize ads, garner feedback, build store subscribers and more. Most successful Shopify stores make use of these apps to build up on sales and revenue. For store SEO and other marketing activities though, they prefer taking services of a good Shopify SEO agency. They know only experts can handle it the best.

Shopify has gone beyond eCommerce to become the darling of brick and mortar stores.

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10 Best Shopify Exit Intent Apps

Best Shopify Exit Intent Apps

Editor’s note: Exit intent pop-ups help decrease abandonment rate and improve sales. You would agree that it’s easier to convince customers to buy when they are on site than to bring them back at a later stage to complete the purchase. These Shopify exit-intent apps are some of the best you can try. However, if you want more flexibility to manage your pop-ups, get in touch with EbizON. They are one of the best Shopify app development services in the market.

Stressed out about visitors abandoning their carts on your Shopify store? You’re not alone.

An ecommerce report by Monetate shows that only 2.6 percent of sessions on an online store result in a purchase.

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