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A Smart Grocery Shopping Experience, Not Just An App

Create a virtual supermarket for your customers, letting them buy groceries anywhere, anytime.


Elegant, Swipe Friendly Design

Beautiful designs that are easy to use and have a look and feel to match your brand image.


Custom Filter & Sort

Make it easy for the users to find what they are looking for with a wide range of filters and sorting options


App Exclusive Offers

Create exclusivity and brand loyalty by giving special discounts and offers to users


One Touch Checkout

Overcome the multiple steps needed to checkout and provide your users an easy one click method



Let your users wishlist their favorite products using an easy touch method


Ratings & Reviews

Rating and reviews build users' trust and help them make better choices while buying apparel, shoes, etc.

An App That Has Everything Your Store Does, And More

One-quarter of people use mobile apps for buying grocery online, and more than half are willing to do it in the future as per recent stats.

We offer the best grocery store apps that are designed in a unique way, are user friendly and have in-built advanced features.

Provide your users with a virtual supermarket experience using a mobile app that has everything that your store does and various other advanced features that help you boost your sales and customer satisfaction rates even further.


Must Have Features For A Grocery Mobile App In Order To Make Their Customer's Online Shopping Experience Seamless And Hassle-Free.

We offer a wide range of features, including several advanced features:


Delivery Slot

Customers can choose a convenient delivery slot as per their availablilty, be it early morning or late evenings by simply choosing from the list of options available at the checkout page. The slots can even be altered later.

Special Categories & Store

You can display special product categories like value packs, special combos, discounted products along with special stores for birthdays, festivals, etc. to highlight them on your store and for maximised traction on those products


Direct Add to cart button

The user can directly add any product to the cart and choose the quantity to buy from the produt feed page itself, without visiting the product description page. This way they do not have to open each product page and add it separately, making it extremely convenient to shop.

Advanced Auto Search

The user can search for items using any keywords or phrases that match the desired item name. The users can search for a specific product without even mentioning the exact product category/ brand


Suggested products on checkout

Suggest relevant products to the customer on checkout, on the basis of their previous purchases to help increase the overall cart value. This helps in increasing the overeall cart value of the customers and adding new products to their list.

Realtime chat option

24*7 chat option available to help out the users in finding items, placing orders, changing delivery slots or even tracking their orders. Instant support helps in boosting customer's trust in your brand and also helps you understand the user behavior and issues better.


Article zone

You can maintain a separate section stating special features about certain grocery items, cook books, chef tips, etc. to keep your users engaged. The users can be notified about these tips directly or as per their subscription.

Select Locality and Hyper Market

The users can select the preferred location from where they want the groceries to be delivered, directly from the app itself. This widens the choices that the user has while shopping and gives it a more realtime feel.


Push Notifications

Send notifications for order and delivery updates, promotional messages, abandoned cart, etc. directly on user's mobile phones to keep them informed about all the necessary updates taking place. They will know when the oder is about to be delivered, the recent sale options, etc.

Managing Your App is Cakewalk Now

Giving shoppers, beverage stores and nearby supermarkets with a new, advantageous and better shopping experience.


Manage stores & products

Multi range of beverage stores can be easily managed & organized by admin with their detail info. Admin has full control to add new stores, edit it or delete it.


Manage user

Admin has full control to manage the customer info, beverage store owner info, can create their account, edit it, delete it, etc.


Order management

Admin gets full control to manage the orders made by customers, can view the details of order info, customer info, etc. thus letting your online store running flawlessly around the clock!

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