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Make Traveling With You, Easy For People

With a travel mobile app that helps them
make the best of their trips


Elegant, Swipe Friendly Design

Beautiful designs that are easy to use and have a look and feel to match your brand image.


Custom Filter & Sort

Make it easy for the users to find what they are looking for with a wide range of filters and sorting options


App Exclusive Offers

Create exclusivity and brand loyalty by giving special discounts and offers to users


One Touch Checkout

Overcome the multiple steps needed to checkout and provide your users an easy one click method



Let your users wishlist their favorite products using an easy touch method


Ratings & Reviews

Rating and reviews build users' trust and help them make better choices while buying apparel, shoes, etc.

Make The Traveling More Adventurous

After dropping at a certain destination the first thing that a tourist wants to check out is a hotel, cafe or a nearby local attraction.

Integrated with intelligent booking system this app helps users in performing multiple functions such as price comparison, categorization, and sorting.

Apart from that receiving timely notifications regarding new offers, the user can also plan and save future bookings. Good feature such as smart filtering and search engine helps in maximizing the revenues.

This is a perfect solution that fits in flawlessly within a user's busy lifestyle thereby makes user experience outstanding.


What Exclusive Features Your Travel App Development Needs?

We offer a wide range of features, including several advanced features:


Mark Places On Google Maps

Google Map integration for the marking the direction of places like hotels, best places to visit, restaurants, etc. which make it extremely easy for the travellers to find places in a new city

Quick Availability Check

The travelleres can quickly check the availability according to the dates of travel for hotel bookings, transportation and other major events


Save Maps Offline

It can often get tricky to get proper connectivity at tourist destinations that are far off. In such cases you can let your users save their trip maps for anytime access.

Home Page Category Listing

Category listings like hotels, activities, restaurants can be listed on the front page itself to make the user search very convenient and quick. It also lets the users know about all the services that you provide at a single glimpse.


Chat With Travel Consultants

Chat option with travel consultants helps the users in planning their trips better and also clears out all their doubts in realtime, boosting the user's confidence in your serivces.

Update App Directly From Magento Backend

Upon selecting size, let the customers know what the actual fit in cm/inch would be.


Social Sharing

Various trip details, hotels, places to visit come with social sharing buttons using which you can easily share everything that you like with your friends on the go and ask for their feedback instantly.

Use Virtual Tours & Beacon Techology

Workable with new technology: It is easily modifiable and workable with Virtual Tours, Beacon Technology, etc to provide your users with the most modern and convenient experience.


Push Notifications

Push Notifications: All the push notification can be managed from the backend and can be personalized to let the users know about all updates about the trips or places they are interested in, the active discounts and even the trip booking status

Managing Your App is Cakewalk Now

Giving shoppers, beverage stores and nearby supermarkets with a new, advantageous and better shopping experience.


Manage stores & products

Multi range of beverage stores can be easily managed & organized by admin with their detail info. Admin has full control to add new stores, edit it or delete it.


Manage user

Admin has full control to manage the customer info, beverage store owner info, can create their account, edit it, delete it, etc.


Order management

Admin gets full control to manage the orders made by customers, can view the details of order info, customer info, etc. thus letting your online store running flawlessly around the clock!

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