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  • Works in snyc with Moip_Magento extension
  • Add-On Type: Payment Gateway
  • Release date:March 20,2015


MoIP is one of the most popular payment gateway of Brazil which has one of the world's fastest growing e-commerce industry. Its growth rate have been more than 21% each year since last 2 year and is predicted to cross 25% mark soon.

Moip is emerging to be the best payment solution in the country and you can easily integrate it with your mobile app by installing Moip add-on with Mofluid extension. Moip enables the person paying over the app for different media such as Credit Card, Bank and Debit Card.

Another important reason why your payment solution should be Moip is its security. MoIP has the highest certification PCI DSS (internationally recognized in credit card payments industry).

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