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Content is everywhere but Quality Content isn’t!

That’s right. Quality Content is what we are talking about.

If you think you can deliver that, Mofluid needs you. We want people who have experience in their domain, people who’ve been there, people who have learned things first-hand. Because that is what inspires us to write great content.

If you think you make the cut, read the following to be absolutely sure.

Who can write?

Mofluid gives an opportunity to all who love writing on subjects like Print On Demand, Amazon Marketing, Ecommerce & Dropshipping. We are not interested in other topics.

What do we publish?

  1. In-depth articles
  2. Tutorials
  3. Guides

What’s the typical length of pieces?

Google says, the bigger the better but that doesn’t mean fluff will do. Our content pieces are minimum 2500 words.

There is no upper limit though.

What’s the turnaround time?

We expect you to deliver within a week’s time (2500-3000 words). For longer pieces, we can discuss and set a timeline.

How do I benefit?

If writing for Mofluid isn’t a motivation for you, we suggest you to seek opportunities elsewhere.

However, we do understand that it takes time and effort in putting things together. Therefore, we do reward you for your work. There are monetary benefits for each published work.

  1. In-depth articles – $150
  2. Guides – $150
  3. Tutorials – $200

What gets rejected?

  1. Content pieces written to acquire links and SEO benefits
  2. Content pieces with affiliate or product page links
  3. Agencies submitting work on behalf of their client
  4. Poorly written content with informational errors
  5. Content having issues with grammar and language
  6. Fluff writing

Please note that we don’t entertain inquiries requesting a backlink or guest post exchange.

What do we like?

  1. Visually appealing pieces. Articles without images and screenshots would be rejected. Add at least 5 pictures per 1000 words.
  2. Any informational claims, stats, numbers should be duly cited using trusted resources.
  3. Use of short sentences and paragraphs. Not more than 2 sentences in a paragraph.
  4. Use of header tags. They give structural layout to content, improve readability and are vital for SEO.
  5. Use of bullets and numbers when listing items
  6. Use of examples, illustrations and case studies

What do we need from you?

  1. Your bio (3-4 lines)
  2. One high resolution picture
  3. Your linkedin/Twitter handle

What is the publishing time?

We try to publish all articles within 10 days post approval. If your piece gets approved, we send you a notification prior to publishing.

How does the payout work?

Our team gets in touch with you for required details once your piece is approved.

Ready to start?

Drop us an email at info@mofluid.com.

Sponsored Posts:

We do have the option of Sponsored posts for companies and growing start-ups looking to gain exposure to their brand. However, we are not interested in outright advertisements in the name of sponsored posts. 

If you have a great product, software or a service that you like people to know about, you’re welcome to share it on our platform. No one cares if it is a paid content as long as it is useful, informative and keeps them interested. 


Contact us here.