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10 Best Landing Page Builder Softwares 2017

Landing pages are one of the most essential tools for marketing. Marketers use them to generate leads by making the visitors subscribe to their websites in order to download the content that the user is interested in.

Downloading of reports, whitepapers, ebooks, newsletters, or simply subscribing to your blog site or availing a special offer, all can be easily achieved through the landing pages.
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5 Best Magento Affiliate Extensions

One of the easiest way to promote your website and generate more traffic is probably through the affiliate programs.

Affiliates tend to join this automated marketing or advertising system and help in promoting your products round the clock, by displaying banner ads, text links, search boxes etc. When customers click and buy your products through the links created by them, the affiliates get a commission based on predefined conditions. It could either be a small percentage of the sale amount or a fixed price. [click to continue…]

FPTraffic Review: How To Get & Monetize Facebook Fans Easily

Marketing through Facebook is simple. The Pages are free and easy to set up and they help you get started immediately. One can build communities surrounding a particular brand or entity and develop several ways to monetize them.
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BigCommerce Reviews – A Powerful Ecommerce Store Builder For Fast Growing Sales


Stats have shown that BigCommerce is becoming a popular choice amongst businesses of all size, and has already created some 100,000 stores with over $5 billion revenue.

What Is BigCommerce ?

BigCommerce – founded by Australians Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper in 2009, is an ecommerce platform for creating fully functional online stores, which are capable of selling physical as well as downloadable or digital products from all possible categories.

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