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5 Magento UX to UI Tips

Best-practices Ecommerce design methodology follows the following process:

  • Discovery/Definition (where the project requirements are carefully scoped)
  • UX or User Experience (where the site structure is determined along with page layout)
  • UI or User Interface (where the UX transformed into compelling, branded design)   process.

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5 Actionable Tips to Improve Magento Checkout Process

The checkout page optimization is still the elephant in the room for multiple Magento-driven websites.

They remain laser-focused on other things. But are they absolutely right?

From one point of view, a beautiful design and a great on-site experience can convince shoppers to stay, browse and buy.

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10 Best Print on Demand Sites-2018

Print on demand, as the word explains, these are sites where printing is done in small quantities based on the order.

Unlike publishing houses and garment companies which print books or apparels in bulk; print on demand sites are more customer need based. You can print books, clothes, mugs, mobile cases, home décor et all in these sites. [click to continue…]

6 Best WordPress Hosting For Nonprofits

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular website building platforms. This open source software is easy to use, has robust features and is equipped with thousands of themes and plugins – making it ideal for almost any kind of website, whether a blog, membership or ecommerce.

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11 Profitable Products You Should be Selling on Amazon in 2018

The ecommerce juggernaut Amazon is easily the largest online retail store in the world.

On Black Friday alone, it sold more than a third of its inventory, and its ecommerce dominance is only expected to grow further.

I’m sure you want to be a part of thousands of sellers who have found success generating a sizeable income stream. A big part of the success is choosing the right products to sell.

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