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11 Best CDN Providers To Speed Up A Website

Content Delivery Network (CDN) brings the static content of your website closer to the global users, using point based servers.

In other words, it reduces the distance between the original hosting servers and the destination computers, by placing several connecting or point servers in different parts of the world. These servers then cache some of your website’s elements and distribute them to their ‘nearest local servers’.

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Mailchimp Review

Reaching out to the growing list of subscribers through emails and ads has become indispensable to all type of businesses – established or emerging.

While there are several email marketing softwares that can automate and simplify this whole process of sending thousands of emails everyday, a lot of them also compete to provide additional features like – tracking the success of your campaign, split testing, optimising the campaign for better results, segmenting the audiences for a more personalised effect etc.

Let’s take a quick look at Mailchimp – a popular email marketing software that offers advanced features for creating emails and tracking data.

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10 Best Autoresponders & Email Softwares

Autoresponders and email softwares can significantly impact the success of a marketing campaign. Building a database of customer-emails and sending them high quality and relevant emails can drive both online and in-store sales.

The softwares are easy-to-use, cost effective and affordable and provide a higher possibility of reaching out to anyone in the world. They are measurable too, which means that you get a clear insight of how effective your campaigns are. With A/B testing and several integrations, you can take your marketing to a whole new level and boost your sales.

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The Ultimate Guide To Push Notifications For Retail Ecommerce Websites

The top priority for any retail business is to maximize its revenue generation. According to stats, retail ecommerce sales will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020 – signifying the fierce competition within the retail ecommerce industry.

Both small and medium businesses are frantically altering their marketing strategies to boost their conversions – with user engagement being one of their prime focal points !

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Best GoDaddy Alternatives: Solutions for Hosting, Domain and Email in 2018

Have you been let down by GoDaddy so far? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time for a change.

Many that start using their services find them unreadable and disappointing. The hosting is slow, hard to use and the customer service is bad.

Their domain registration service might seem cheap at first but you might get charged a lot after the first year. And because their hosting tends to go down often, it’s not good for email as well.

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