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Leadpages Review

Building a healthy e-mail list is essential for business success. LeadPages is an online tool that is designed to help people grow e-mail lists, and in turn, also increase their business and blog traffic.

It is essential to understand that LeadPages is not the same as e-mail marketing software programs like MailChimp or InfusionSoft which allow you to send regular e-mails to your subscribers. Instead, LeadPages helps you get more e-mail subscribers to add to your e-mail marketing software.

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11 Best Ecommerce Mobile Apps

The rising usage of smartphones coupled with the mobile commerce is proving to be a boon for both business owners and the app developers.

The combination is not only escalating the revenue generation but also enhancing the user engagements and retentions.

Though there are millions of apps that get uploaded on the play store almost every other day, very few actually manage to make an impression – either because of their niche concept or exceptional functionalities.

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10 Best Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps have transformed the mobile web practices to provide a native app like experiences for the users. They work just like native apps and include features such as smoother navigations, offline modes and push notifications, but are much more economical and do not use the device storage.

Progressive Web Apps are reliable which means they load instantly and the performance isn’t compromised even if the network is shaky.

The ‘add to homescreen’ option can be used to create an icon on the device screen for easy access and background caching and they offer an immersive full screen capabilities for enhancing the browsing experience.

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10 Best Mobile Conversion Optimization Tricks

According to stats, more than two billion people will be transacting through mobile devices by the end of 2017. Even today, mobile users tend to spend double the amount while shopping online, as compared to desktop users.

The fact necessitates the execution of best practices for increasing the mobile conversation rates.

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Affilorama Review 2018 – Best Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn online commissions. You just need to advertise and promote someone else’s products /services and lure the visitors to buy them through your referral or affiliate links – given to you by the product company.

You can set up these links either on your own websites, emails lists or anywhere on the web, where you can target the maximum traffic. Experts also make use of affiliate softwares, tools and other promotional techniques to increase their profits.

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