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12 free A/B testing tools for mobile apps


Do you need to spend money to perform A/B tests for your mobile apps? The answer would be yes if you want more advanced features.
But if you’re looking forward to make some simple tests, you’d be quite fine with the free tools that are available out there.
To make it easier for you, we’ve picked 12 free A/B testing tools that you might want to use to optimize your mobile apps.

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The starter guide to mobile usability testing


Mobile usability testing is one of the best ways to increase the use, sales and success of your business by simply providing a better experience for your users.

For many it might seem like an incredibly hard thing to do. If you’re from the ones that find it hard and don’t know where to start, this post is the perfect starting point.

In this blog post we’ll explain you exactly what you need to run usability tests and what process to follow to achieve results. But before we do so, let us explain you why you need to do it in first place.
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Scale of Impact – Mobile Commerce

Everybody seems to have a Smartphone these days. In fact, there are around 10 billion mobile devices in existence and a world population of “only” over 7 billion, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mobile commerce is shaping how business is done nowadays.

M-Commerce has come as a blessing for consumers who want access to their products at the tip of their fingers.

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The Definitive Guide to Monetizing Your Mobile Commerce App


Before I get into how you can monetize your mobile app, let’s take a quick look at the different mobile app revenue models.

If you look at these revenue models closely, you’ll realize that they are almost extensions of similar practices in the web world. Ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, the epic freemium model and more…the mobile app monetizing techniques are very closely knitted with their online web counterparts.

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