Scale of Impact – Mobile Commerce

Everybody seems to have a Smartphone these days.

In fact, there are around 10 billion mobile devices in existence and a world population of “only” over 7 billion, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mobile commerce is shaping how business is done nowadays.

Mcommerce has come as a blessing for consumers who want access to their products at the tip of their fingers.

For business owners, it comes as a challenge that will either allow them to surge over their competitors or make them sink in the waters of oblivion.

In any case, mcommerce has been here for a while and it will surely stay and improve over time. Now we also have plug-ins available like Mofluid to create magento mobile app for any ecommerce store.

Mobile commerce allows for the personalization of products and promotions intended at the target market of a specific business, all done via a mobile device.

And this is just one of its benefits. To know more, please take a look at the following infographic. Here, you will delve into the numbers and facts about this fascinating technology and the effects it has had on business.

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