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AMZSuite vs Jungle Scout


Amazon third-party extensions are the next big thing helping Amazon sellers gain the upper hand in the marketplace. And it’s no surprise that FBA sellers love them.

Fulfillment by Amazon gives sellers the opportunity to get their products into the hands of customers faster than ever before. Combined with Amazon Prime, your products are shipped to consumers within two days; all from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s an undeniably convenient service for both third-party sellers and customers alike. So it’s no wonder that more than half of Amazon’s current sales come from third-party sellers. Avoiding your own shipping is too enticing to pass up.

Though those third-party sales don’t come easily. There’s an abundance of competition and dealing with customers isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Especially since you’re dealing with customers over the internet.

It’s exactly why FBA sellers so often turn to Amazon third-party extensions to help them run their business, and why they’re making the right choice.

Third-Party Extensions

Amazon third-party extensions cover everything from tracking product inventories to helping with refunds and returns. They’re what you could call a “helper” for your FBA business.

Though FBA extensions can’t do it all. You’re still relying on a computer program to help with your company. And while it’s much more efficient to rely on the program for tracking product popularity, you also need to understand how to read deeper metrics.

Yes, a product sells out; but what days of the week have the most sales? Do certain times of the day offer better sales? What does that say about demographic data?

Reading these metrics comes down to which extensions you choose. Each extension offers up different metrics that allow for different conclusions. The extension you need depends on your own personal wants and goals.

So today we’re breaking down two extensions that can help bring your FBA business to the next level; AMZSuite and Jungle Scout.

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AMZSuite vs. Jungle Scout

Before we get into the specifics of each platform, we need to discuss the inherent difference between Jungle Scout and AMZSuite.

Most extensions focus on providing advanced product research that can help monitor your own products and also other niches that could make strong new markets. In a nutshell, they’re helping you move product.

AMZSuite takes a different approach. The extension primarily focuses on the customer relations side of running your business.

Yes, it’s important to target products that actually sell, know your competition, and understand your inventory. However, it’s equally important to build lasting connections with your customers; no matter what you’re selling.

It makes AMZSuite less of a competitor and more of a supplement to other extensions. While we’re labeling the article “versus” it’s less in the competitive sense and more of a comparison directed at what they do differently.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the grandfather of extensions. It’s been around and then some, and offers some unique workflows that most other extensions can’t.

Essentially, it has collected so much data and has had so much time to sort that data, that the extension can display insights in a very easy to understand way. Both Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension and web app streamline workflows significantly.

For example, an extensive product database reveals insights about inventories, sales trends, estimated sales, identifying niches, and more. All of these are then combined into one easy-to-read, quantifiable “competition metric.”

The greater the competition, the less chance you’ll have of breaking into the market. Instead of compiling those metrics yourself (which can take days), Jungle Scout does it for you. While you won’t find any overwhelmingly advanced features, Jungle Scout offers an extremely refined experience sure to save time and money.

And that’s where it shines. Jungle Scout is more of an extension that does the basics extremely well, making it a must add for any FBA seller.


As we discussed above, AMZSuite isn’t competing directly against Jungle Scout. Instead, AMZ targets the customer-facing side of the Amazon marketplace.

Customer relations matter more than you might realize. Yes, you aren’t running a company in the traditional sense. Though people will remember the product quality you’re selling, if someone feels wronged it’s likely they won’t continue to do business with your store.

And that’s even if they weren’t actually wrong. Sometimes people get angry for less than valid reasons. Which leads us to our first AMZSuite feature, Refund Rescuer.

This AMZ refund tool protects sellers from refunds requests that don’t result in a returned item. When the buyer submits a refund request your funds go into a sort of escrow, where they sit until the seller returns the item or for 45 days, whichever happens first.

If the seller never returns the item you’re supposed to recoup the funds. However, sometimes Amazon doesn’t return those funds in a timely manner. The Refund Rescuer automatically submits a dispute claim with Amazon, eliminating the need to track an excessive amount of refund requests.

Next up is the Feedback Sentry. AMZSuite monitors your account for negative feedback and either alters your rating or removes the feedback, depending on the circumstances. As 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as friends, you need a positive review score.

The extension automatically submits a “review claim” when someone leaves a negative review that doesn’t pertain to you as a seller. After all, if someone leaves a negative review about the shipping, it doesn’t reflect on your brand.

Inventory Salvager is the final aspect of AMZSuite, at least that we’re advocating for. Though this time instead of focusing on the consumer relationship the extension focuses on dealing with Amazon.

Salvager automatically files a claim when it receives notice that any of your products have been lost or damaged in Amazon’s shipping and storage facilities. The automatic tracking means less time talking with Amazon and more time focusing on your business.

So Which is the Best?

Neither, in our opinion. Rather they’re different. Getting the most out of your Amazon FBA business might actually require using both extensions in tandem. Jungle Scout takes care of the product tracking while AMZSuite helps with customer relations.

Depending on your needs, we recommend looking into both extensions.

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