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Jungle Scout Review & Discount Code – Find Best Amazon Products To Sell


Amazon offers Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) opportunities to all Sellers across the world and enables them to increase their online sales. It charges a fee for handling their Inventory, Orders and Shipments, while helping them to scale their businesses and reach more customers.

The FBA Fees vary as per product and its variations. This means that to make the FBA services profitable, Sellers need to concentrate on what they sell and how much they sell.

Understanding the potential of their own inventory, finding the right products and eyeballing how their competitors perform – is utmost important if they want to generate higher profit margins and maintain their competitive edge.

Following is the review of Jungle Scout – one of the most effective ways for the Sellers to identify the best products to sell on Amazon –

What is Jungle Scout ?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool. It does a thorough market research on products, and provides excellent ways for you to assess the most profitable products to sell. It also lets you spy on your competitor’s product listings, their daily sales and fluctuations.

You can keep a track of how the products are doing in terms of daily or monthly sales, what are their average prices, what kind of ratings do they have, or how many reviews have they generated etc.

The idea is to refine your searches for maximum profitability.

Jungle Scout can be used either as a Chrome Extension or Web App. While the extension is more of a budget friendly option, the app is the premium version of the two.

It also supports international marketplaces like Germany, France, Italy, India, Spain, UK, US, Canada and Mexico.

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Chrome Extension

The Jungle Scout extension integrates with the Google Chrome browser and streamlines your product searches.

It enables you to search for your products faster and right within the browser, while you are accessing the Amazon site. You can view the product data directly from the Amazon search pages and analyse their competitiveness in the market.

The extension provides numerous useful metrics such as best sellers rank, monthly sales estimates, number of reviews, average ratings, average price etc. Apart from that, it also offers data for –

  • Seasonal Trends – reveal the historic keyword trends for the past few months or years
  • FBA Fees – the Amazon fees associated with each product
  • Profit Calculator – calculates the net payout after deducting the Amazon share
  • Dimensions and Weight – helps to decide the varying FBA fees as per the weight and size of the products. (Heavier products have higher FBA fees, which means you cut down on your profit margin)
  • OverSize Indicator – lets you know if your selected product might come in oversized dimensions as well

Based on the metrics, you can use the filtering to narrow down your search criteria and view only what is relevant to you.

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The extension offers two variants – Lite and Pro.

Lite is an affordable option for the newbies, who are just curious about the sales potential for various products on Amazon, while Pro is apt for experts or people who are more serious about selling, and need intricate details in order to find a profitable product.

Web App

Jungle Scout web app is considered a great time saver for the seasoned FBA business owners, because it enables them to search the database and filter things down to their exact criteria – as compared to the tedious manual searches on Amazon.

Typically, it is a cloud based suite of three tools – Product Database, Product Tracker and Niche Hunter.

1. Product Database helps you to find Amazon items based on certain criteria.

The CATEGORIES section gives you numerous options to select the category of a product such as – Appliances, Automotive, Kitchen and Dining and more.

FILTERS play an important role in deciding which products are capable of generating the maximum revenue.

For instance- Selling cheaper products may not help in reaching the targeted amount, while the expensive products could be difficult to buy in the first place. So the best bet would be to find the median price range to make that cut.

Similarly, the ‘product ranking’ helps in analysing the quantity of a product that is sold on a daily basis. Typically anything that ranks below 8000, sells. And if you are using the ‘estimated sales’ filtering, you may opt for something that sells at least 3-4 units a day.

PRODUCT TIER enables you to display either the standard sized items or oversized items, or even both, while the SELLER option lets you choose the specific type of seller who will be fulfilling the final order.

2. Product Tracker is an amazing tool for tracking the sales of the products that you are interested in. It gives you an idea about how well a product is selling on site by gathering real time data such as – the average price, number of units sold per day and the daily revenue generated.

You can easily add items either from the Product Database, or directly from Amazon by entering the ASIN or URL and the results usually appear within 3-4 days.

Product Tracker is also an essential tool to understand the strategies used by other sellers as well, like whether they are lowering their prices, running promotions or giveaways or running low on inventory etc.

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3. Niche Hunter

Niche Hunter provides you the easiest way to identify niches and keywords for unique product ideas.

You can choose the criteria of your desired niche and set the levels of various parameters like Demand, Price, Competition, Opportunity Scores, Quality of Listing etc. The filtering will help you to expedite your searches and uncover the hidden niches for better possibilities.

The Niche Hunter instantly displays the results for your searches along with the data of the top products within that niche. You can also find some related keywords used by other customers as well.


The two Chrome Extension options come for a one-time fee each – Lite ($97) and Pro ($197).

Both offer monthly sales & revenue estimates, leading sales accuracy, ratings and reviews, best sellers as well as categories.

The additional features included in the Pro version are product dimension and weight, oversize indicator, monthly trends, profit calculator and FBA fees.

Jungle Scout Web App offers three subscription plans – Startup ($39 /mo), Standard ($69 /mo) and Business ($99 /mo).

All the three plans include product database, product tracker, low competition items, popular items, competitor tracking, unique seller catalogue, accurate estimated sales and more.

The Standard and Business plans also include the Niche Hunter feature and enables you to add more users to your account.

Jungle Scout also has a 14-day Refund Policy in case you are not happy with the product.

Is Jungle Scout Really Worth ?

Jungle Scout is a wonderful time saving tool with a great interface.

The fact that it overlays the data on top of the existing browser page, makes it super quick and easy to search and track products on Amazon. It also captures and highlights the information for all variations of a product, when performing a research.

On the downside, the Product Database may provide a great source of ideas, but it doesn’t cover everything that’s listed on Amazon. You may have to do your own manual researches to find something interesting and add them to your Product Tracker.

Also, the sales estimate isn’t always accurate. You would need to keep a watch on the product through the tracker to get a better idea.


Jungle Scout is a must have tool if you really want to compete and make some serious money.

Though it has separate tools for all kind of budgets, sellers can install both chrome extension and the web app to enjoy their benefits at the same time. The extension helps in quickly pulling the required data whereas the app helps in tracking the products and finding new niches -that can supercharge their sales on Amazon.

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Divya Dube

by Divya Dube

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