Jungle Scout vs BigTracker: Which One Should You Use?

Amazon sellers are constantly trying to improve their services and make their sales more efficient.

After all, with millions of sellers for each niche, attracting the majority of interested buyers or prospects can be extremely difficult.

Fortunately, a number of different types of software are available for Amazon sellers.

These do not only include sales estimators and product research tools, but also review, feedback, and reputation management tools that can help sellers paint the finest picture of their business to the online world.

With that said, while there are several different options available, Amazon sellers are constantly in a fix.

If one tool or product brings a certain type of advantage or benefit, they are generally severely lacking in other areas.

As you might have guessed, this makes it extremely difficult for Amazon sellers to choose the right option from the get-go.

What’s more, since you can get a clear understanding of what a tool or product really offers only after you use it, sellers on Amazon also end up purchasing several different types of tools and software only to realize that they add no value.

Since we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed, we’re thoroughly reviewing two of the most popular tools that are commercially available for Amazon sellers.

Both Jungle Scout and BigTracker might have gained immense popularity in recent times, but that doesn’t change the fact that both of these tools and software offer a completely different range of features and functionalities.

In the next few sections, we will, therefore, give you a breakdown of the major features and functionalities of both of these tools, and help you understand which one works best for you based on your individual needs, preferences, and requirements.

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Why Do Amazon Sellers Need Tools For Selling Online?

Online marketplaces are increasingly becoming saturated – and there are multiple reasons for this.

In addition to being highly convenient, online buying and selling is also easy and extremely lucrative.

While this is one of the major reasons why so many people are attracted to the world of online sales, the fact that you can customize and let your own personality shine through your online business is also an added plus for most people.

With that said, if you’re trying to make it big online, there’s a lot that you’ll need to do to make your business stand out.

Since consumers today are a lot more informed than before, they are fully aware of the options that are available.

For this reason, it is imperative for online sellers to have a unique selling proposition and make their business different.

Additionally, with the myriad online stores available, consumers are also able to weigh out their options far more easily.

This means that if you’re selling low quality products at high prices, you will not only be called out by prospects, but they will also leave bad reviews that can affect your online reputation and sales.

It is also important to note that the more sellers there are, the more effort you’ll have to put in to ensure that you’re offering the highest value.

Today, you do not only have to make conscious efforts to make your listings and inventory as unique as possible, but you also need to make the entire process as convenient as possible for your customers.

What’s more, as a seller on Amazon, you are also required to optimize your product listings and streamline your various marketing streams for improved results.

Fortunately, online selling tools can help with all of that – and much more.

With the help of tools and software for online marketplaces, Amazon sellers can not only help you get greater insight into your target audience, their behaviors, and preferences, but you can also understand what your competitors are doing, giving you the chance to tap into their audiences with immense ease.

Additionally, using the right tools will also give Amazon sellers the chance to understand which niche can be most lucrative for them, allowing them to see a hike in their sales and revenue in no time.

Most online selling tools and software designed for sellers of online marketplaces also come complete with features that can help them estimate sales and keep eye on historical trends.

By leveraging this information, you can not only get the added punch, but also improve your chances of targeting the right audiences at the right time.

Once you have insider information regarding the products and keywords that are performing best, your chances of getting results also go up considerably.

Now that you know just how and why online selling tools are so important, we’ll let you in on everything that you need to know about both Jungle Scout and BigTracker, and help you figure out which one works best for your store on Amazon.

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Jungle Scout

Amazon sellers across the globe have been raving about Jungle Scout for the last few years – and for good reason.

One of the most popular tools for online sellers, Jungle Scout does not only make selling a lot easier, but also gives Amazon sellers to work efficiently for improved results.

Designed to help Amazon sellers gain the competitive edge, Jungle Scout enables users to find niche-specific products that can help them populate their inventory with products that offer the most value.

Since figuring out the right products to sell is one of the areas where Amazon sellers struggle the most, Jungle Scout provides users with in-depth information that can help Amazon sellers understand which niches are the most promising.

This way, Amazon sellers do not have to waste their initial investment and also have more security.

Additionally, once Jungle Scout helps you figure out which niches offer the most benefit, it will also be easier for you to spend your time and effort developing and perfecting strategies that can help you tap into audiences that you otherwise would not have access to.

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Jungle Scout App vs Chrome Extension

While both versions of Jungle Scout are extremely useful in conducting relevant product research, Jungle Scout web application and Chrome extension operate very differently.

Since Amazon sellers are not sure which option they should opt for, here’s a breakdown of the features that each version offers.

The Chrome extension for Jungle Scout is generally only used for gathering data from a specific Amazon pages, the web application gives users a chance to do a lot more.

The web application version of Jungle Scout can help you gain a significant amount of information regarding your products of choice.

The Chrome extension on the other hand works within the web browser and can gives you the chance to work further on keywords or products that you might have found already.

As evident from the images above, Jungle Scout Chrome extension gives users a lot more insight into their searches and provides them with actionable details.

These details can not only be used for setting up the online business, but also for optimization of the inventory that you might already have.

Jungle Scout Supplier Information

As a seller on Amazon, you need to ensure that your quality is above par.

This is because there are millions of other sellers that could potentially get hold of your prospects and audiences if they provide better products at the same prices as you.

Fortunately for Amazon sellers, Jungle Scout can be used to get insider information regarding suppliers.

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With the help of Jungle Scout, you will not have to worry about manually searching for the best suppliers or high quality products.

Instead, you will get all of the information that you need right from the dashboard.

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Since there is a lot that you need to take into account before purchasing from suppliers, Jungle Scout does not only give users information regarding the total shipments that the supplier has successfully made, but also gives a breakdown of the top customers and products available with each supplier.

Users will also get the chance to apply a number of filters that can help them look for a very specific type of product manufacturer or supplier.

What’s more, Jungle Scout can also be used to find suppliers from a specific country for increased convenience.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

Struggling to find niche products? Jungle Scout can help.

With the help of Jungle Scout’s niche hunter, you can not only perform thorough searches using keywords, but also assess the listings of your competitors and figure out what they’re doing differently.

Even though the niche hunter is a highly effective feature, not a lot of people truly understand how it adds value.

The information extracted by the niche hunter gives users the chance to understand the potential that a specific keyword or product offers.

With the help of the niche hunter, users can filter out their results based on the category and marketplace.

Additionally, users can also get insights on quantities sold, price, quality score, and opportunity score and use that information to their advantage.

The opportunity score also prevents Amazon sellers from wasting their money on a product or niche that might not be lucrative or offer chances of growth or success.

This means that Amazon sellers can use the niche hunter and opportunity score to figure out how to expand their online business in a way that offers them the most benefit.

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Jungle Scout Listing Builder

The listing builder is essentially the product tracking feature of Jungle Scout.

The feature gives users a breakdown of the overall potential of a product based on certain metrics including inventory levels, units sold, the Amazon Best Seller Ranking, and actionable, specialized sales data.

The best part about the Product Tracker of Jungle Scout is that it is extremely comprehensive.

Once you know which product you need to look for, you can not only figure out how its price and popularity has changed with time, but also get more specific details such as the fees that might be involved in sales of the product.

For added convenience, the Product Tracker also shows user reviews of the product in question to help you figure out whether or not it is a good bargain.

Jungle Scout also comes complete with a data analytics functionality that provides users with historical data regarding a product.

With the help of graphs and charts, users will figure out popularity trends the products of their choice, and understand which keywords are most relevant at any point in time.

With the help of the information from the product tracker, data analytics, and niche hunter, Amazon sellers will easily be able to build large lists of products that they can feature on their Amazon stores.

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Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers three extremely convenient pricing plans.

The three plans, namely the Basic plan, Suite plan, and the Professional plan cost at $39, $69 and $129/month.

Users interested in the Chrome extension of Jungle Scout should celebrate. It is now a feature and available with all plans.

Although the free trial is not there but they offer complete money back guarantee for its 14 days use.

All in all, Jungle Scout is a highly efficient and effective tool for Amazon sellers.

In addition to giving users access to valuable, actionable insights, the tool also helps Amazon sellers identify business opportunities and know which niches or products will be most advantageous to mitigate the risk of losses.

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BigTracker is owned by bqool.com.

Even though BigTracker is relatively newer than its more established competitor, Jungle Scout, the fact remains that the tool is giving tough competition in the industry.

Like Jungle Scout, BigTracker is another tool that has been designed to facilitate Amazon sellers in their business.

In addition to helping Amazon sellers search for new niches and products, BigTracker can also be used to spy on competition and figure out what makes them successful.

Like a number of other tools for online sales, Big Tracker also gives users the chance to browse through millions of different products.

Additionally, the tool also features an Advanced Search option that gives users the chance to filter out their results even more.

With the Advanced Search feature, it will not only be possible for users to narrow down their search results based on certain metrics such as the price or estimated revenue of the products, but you could also put in a minimum number of sellers to ensure that you’re only spending money on products that are actually popular and in demand.

Big Tracker Alerts

Another great feature of BigTracker is that it allows users to receive email alerts for products that they are tracking.

What this means is that if there are any changes to a product that you’ve been looking at, you’ll be sent an email to ensure that you don’t miss the notification.

BigTracker Analytics

In addition to receiving updates regarding the price of the product that you have been tracking, you can also get insider information regarding the inventory levels of the product and how they have been changing across the board.

What’s more, users will also receive information regarding the profitability of the product to get a complete picture of what they are signing up for.

BigTracker also comes complete with a Deal Tracker and Brand Tracker that allow users to delve deeper into their competitors’ businesses and how they are strategising.

By providing users with insights regarding the sales rank, number of sales, and discounts that their competitors are offering, BigTracker makes it possible for users to modify their strategies based on actionable insights.

BigTracker Chrome Extension & Web Application

Like Jungle Scout, BigTracker also has both a web application and a Chrome extension that users can benefit from.

Additionally, there are two different versions of the extension called Extension Pro and Extension Lite.

BigTracker Top 100 Feature

Big Tracker also has an additional Amazon Top 100 feature that gives them the chance to discover the top selling products to help them understand how buying and selling trends are changing.

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BigTracker Pricing

To get access to BigTracker extension, you can subscribe to BigCentral plan of Bqool. It has five different pricing plans starting from $50 to $500 per month.

The major difference between these plans is the number of products that can be tracked with them.

Additionally, the duration for which historical data is available, too, varies with each of these packages.

BigTracker also comes with a free 14 day trial for users to get the hang of the dashboard, features, and functionalities.

This is an added plus since not every tool or software works for every type of user.

Additionally, like Jungle Scout, BigTracker also works on a number of different marketplaces including United States and Japan, making it a great and cost-effective option for Amazon sellers from all over the world.

Author: Scott MacarthurScott L. Macarthur is a marketing consultant and an online author. He is mostly engaged in providing his expertise to startups and SMBs. He is also an author on TheNextWeb.