Best GoDaddy Alternatives: Solutions For Hosting, Domain And Email

Have you been let down by GoDaddy so far? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time for a change.

Many that start using their services find them unreadable and disappointing. The hosting is slow, hard to use and the customer service is bad.

Their domain registration service might seem cheap at first but you might get charged a lot after the first year. And because their hosting tends to go down often, it’s not good for email as well.

If you finally have decided that you’d like to switch and use another solution, here’s a list of the best GoDaddy alternatives:

Best GoDaddy Hosting Alternatives

The biggest problems what you have with GoDaddy as a hosting is their uptime, speed and unreadable customer support.

If you’re looking for a change and a better GoDaddy hosting alternative, here’s a list of a few companies you can trust.

1. Hostgator

Hostgator is a great Godaddy alternative.

Hostgator is super affordable webhosting solution that has the astonishing guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

They offer you 2.5 times faster load times achieved thanks to their super charged cloud architecture low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers.

What’s also really good is that they have a free migration service which means that they’re experts will actually help you do all the work in switching to them.

Outstanding technical support is something they’ve been advertising heavily lately. You can reach Hostgator 24/7 by phone, email and chat and their experts will be grad to help you with any hosting issue.

WordPress plans start at $5.95 /month and can go up to $9.95/month.

The drawbacks are all plans have their limitations – the number of websites, visits per month, backups, storage, etc.

That’s why it’s a good option if you have 1-3 WordPress websites. For something more, you might want to switch to other provider such as Bluehost.

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Our Pick
Hostgator - Our Pick
Starting at only $2.75/mo*

Starts at $2.75/month*. Offers ample website hosting options, guaranteed 99% uptime, free SSL, easy WordPress installs along with a free domain for a year.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

2. SiteGround

Talking about the best Godaddy hosting alternatives, SiteGround can’t be ignored.

SiteGround is officially recommended by as one of the best hosting providers for their platform.

They give you amazing features such as:

1-click installer
Autoupdates (you always get the latest version of WordPress)
SuperCacher (which gives you 3 layers of caching for ultra-fast website)
WordPress Staging (which allows you to easily test and deploy changes in your site)

One of the best things about SiteGround is the speed they provide you. Their platform has been built on latest SSD technology, with SuperCacher and a free CDN they can make your website load really fast.

The support of SiteGround is also amazing. They provide onboarding help, free website transfer and assistance at any time.

SiteGround is truly among the trusted web hosting alternatives to Godaddy.

You can reach them 24/7 via tickets, chat and phone as their respond time is pretty fast.

Web hosting plans start at $6.99/month and can go up to $14.99/month.

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3. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best and most affordable web hosting solutions available out there.

It’s arguably the best Godaddy alternative in the market.

It is recommended by and offers 1-click WordPress installation on all its accounts. The control panel is also very intuitive and easy to use.

In terms of features, with Bluehost you have unlimited diskspace, bandwidth and email accounts. You can host as many websites as you want and you even get a free SSL certificate and 1 free domain.

The thing it stands out with its support available 24/7 by phone, chat and email. However, sometimes when agents are busy you might need to wait for a response within 10-20 minutes.

They also have an awesome educational center where you can learn everything about how to setup a WordPress website, manage emails, domains, accounts, work with the control panel, etc.

It’s not easy to find many good alternatives to Bluehost.

The plans for the shared hosting start from $3.95/month and can go up to $13.95/month.

Each plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and $150 in advertising coupons for Google AdWords, Bing and other sites.

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4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is another good alternative to GoDaddy.

It has all the features you would look in a WordPress hosting including getting it pre-installed by Inmotion’s experts. You also get auto-updates, free backups and WP-CLI integration.

InMotion has a great tool called BoldGrid that allows you to build WordPress websites has free themes and it allows you to build websites using drag and drop functionality.

The really good thing is that you get unlimited diskspace, bandwidth and emails as well as 1 free domain when you sign up.

Their support is available 24/7 via phone, chat and email. You can count that you’re going to speak with an expert every time and your problem will be solved.

Pricing starts at $5.99/month.

All plans come with a 90-day money back guarantee and I don’t think that any other company offers that much.

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5. Dreamhost

In Dreamhost, there is a good alternative Godaddy has.

Dreamhost hosts over 1.5 million websites, blogs and apps and it is one of the best performing hosting providers out there.

It comes with a pre-installed and pre-configured WordPress which makes things easier for you. It also has the one-click install.

Dreamhost has 100% network uptime with no bandwidth limitations. Your traffic spikes are always handled no matter what happens.

The hosting is also extremely fast thanks to the use of SSD drives, multiple layers of caching, isolated server resources, and a highly tuned version of PHP.

Support is available 24/7 by email, phone and chat ready to help you make your websites successful.

Pricing starts at $2.59/month and can go up to $16.95/month (which is considerably more than other solutions but worth it).

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Best GoDaddy Alternatives for Domain Registration

Now we will talk about the best Godaddy alternatives for domains.

GoDaddy might offer you cheap domain names at first but the second year will come out costly for you.

If you’re tired of being ripped off, here’s a list of GoDaddy alternatives for domain registrations that are both reliable and affordable.

1. NameCheap

When it comes to domains, NameCheap is a powerful alternative to Godaddy.

NameCheap claim that you can use their service to register a domain name for as low as $0.88/year.

The good thing is that besides the normal domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org you can buy not so popular ones such as:

.club ($8.88/year)
.life ($1.88/year)
.press ($0.88/year)
.me ($3.88/year)
.store ($2.88/year)
.online ($2.88/year)
.world ($1.88/year)
.solutions ($3.88/year)
.design ($6.88/year)
.fun ($2.88/year)
.shop ($6.88/year)
.group ($6.88/year)
.zone ($3.88/year)
.ltd ($3.88/year)
.today ($3.88/year)
.email ($3.88/year)
.tech ($4.88/year)
.company ($3.88/year)
.city ($3.88/year)

-Prices are subject to change.

Their renewals tend to be 30% cheaper than the competition which can save you lots of money in the long term.

It’s good to know that when you buy or transfer a domain name you receive a WhoisGuard subscription for one year for free (worth $2.88). You also get a special $1.99 Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate.

2. Uniregistry

Uniregistry is an awesome and affordable domain registry service.

Their automatic search result feature will show you a list of all available domains as you’re typing in the search bar.

.com domains cost as little as $8.88 for the 1st year and a renewal is just $10.88/year.

Here’s a pricing for different domain name extensions but they are subject to change.

.xyz ($0.99 for the first year and renewal is $12.88/year)
.store ($4.88 for the first year and renewal is $58.88/year)
.help ($19.88/year)
.fun ($11.88 for the first year and renewal is $28.88/year)
.tech ($4.88 for the first year and renewal is $48.88/year)
.design ($9.88 for the first year and renewal is $49.88/year)
.mom ($39.88/year)
.click ($6.88/year)
.lawyer($11.88 for the first year and renewal is $39.88/year)
.sale ($6.88 for the first year and renewal is $29.88/year)
.online ($3.50 for the first year and renewal is $37.88/year)
.photo ($29.88/year)
.cam ($4.88 for the first year and renewal is $29.88/year)
.net ($13.88/year)
.support ($6.50 for the first year and renewal is $19.88/year)
.work ($2.50 for the first year and renewal is $9.88/year)
.today ($1.99 for the first year and renewal is $19.88/year)
.co ($19.88/year)
.org ($14.88/year)
.guru ($6.50/year)

Uniregistry also make the process of transferring a domain name really easy for you. All you have to do is:

unlock and request authorization codes of your current provider

use their easy to follow transfer wizard and fill out your domains and authorization codes

After that they will notify you as soon as the transfer is done.

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3. Google Domains

Google Domains is another really popular domain registration service that comes straight from the search giant.

It is easy and fasts to use as the search suggestion tool will show you possible options as you’re typing your desired domain name.

Here’s a pricing list for different domains but they are subject to change.

.com domains cost $12/year
.net domains cost $12/year
.org domains cost $12/year
.biz domains cost $12/year
.solutions domains cost $20/year
.systems domains cost $20/year
.zone domains cost $30/year
.co domains cost $30/year
.cheap domains cost $30/year
.discount domains cost $30/year
.cc domains cost $20/year
.pizza domains cost $60/year

With each additional domain you get a private registration at no additional cost.

What’s even better is the ability to create custom emails for you domain using G Suite. You can add email aliases, and manage all your mail from one inbox.

The bad thing is that it is currently available only for US, UK, Canada and India.

4. is affordable and easy to use domain registration service.

A lot of domain name extensions on the platform are usually on sale so you can find them much cheaper if you’re buying at the right time.

Here’s a pricing list for different domains but they are subject to change.

.com domains cost $8.49 – $8.99
.xyz domains cost $4.99
.site domains cost $5.99
.tech domains cost $6.99
.store domains cost $7.99
.online domains cost $5.99
.us domains cost $6.99 – $7.50
.biz domains cost $11.72 – $12.74
.london domains cost $6.17
.space domains cost $5.99
.net domains cost $11.03 – $11.99
.asia domains cost $11.99
.me domains cost $15.87 – $17.25
.org domains cost $11.31 – $12.29
.eu domains cost $5.17 – $5.96
.it domains cost $5.58 – $5.96
.co domains cost $13.99
.pro domains cost $3.99 – $13.49
.guru domains cost $24.83 – $26.99
.bid domains cost $22.99 – $24.99
.club domains cost $17.49
.date domains cost $22.99 – $24.99
.download domains cost $22.99 – $24.99

Each new domain includes free private WHOIS.

What’s really good about their service is that they have a great tool for transferring and trading domains.

That way you can easily change the ownership of the domain when selling it to someone else.

Best GoDaddy Alternatives for Emails

You might know that hosting and your emails at the same company is usually bad idea.

Simply because if one goes done so is the other. And you know that this happens way too often with GoDaddy that it should.

That’s why when it comes to emails I suggest you switch to the following solution:

G Suite

G Suite used to be called Google Apps and it is a complete solution for business email, calendar, storage and more.

By using it you can setup a custom email your domain name and use Gmail as a client at the same time. When you download the mobile app, you would be able to use the

service even without internet connection.

You can have unlimited number of inboxes and you can create group email as you’d like.

That’s really cool about the service is that you have a flawless integration with Google Docs, Hangouts and you can use Google Drive for storage.

You also get an outstanding support 24/7 by phone, email, and online tickets.

Pricing starts at $6/month per user for the basic plan and can go up to $25/month per user for the business plan.

Enterprise companies can request a custom plan.

With all plans you get 14-day free trial.

In Conclusion

If GoDaddy is currently not working for you, there is no reason to keep using them. Especially, when there are so many other options available out there.

Not to mention that switching is not that hard as most companies will be grad to help you with the transfer.

So just pick one of the GoDaddy alternatives we have listed in the post and go with that. You won’t be disappointed.

Are you currently using GoDaddy for your business? Are you looking for a change? If not, which solution are you currently using? Let us know in the comments below.

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