10 Best Amazon Keyword Tracking Tools

In the US alone, millions of Amazon shoppers buy more than 606 million products from the eCommerce giant every year.

Across the globe, Amazon sells over three billion products annually.

These buyers rely on Amazon’s search function to find the products they want to buy. Meanwhile, merchants must know the keywords these searchers use to find products. Hence, the need for Amazon keyword tracking tools.

We’ll explore the best tracking tools in the market today, 

  1. Keyword Scout by JungleScout
  2. AMZScout
  3. SellerApp
  4. Helium 10
  5. Sonar by Sellics
  6. Amazon Keyword Tool
  7. Scientific Seller
  8. Kparser
  9. AMAZvol
  10. WordTree

Let’s explore their benefits, features, and pricing.

1. Keyword Scout By JungleScout

JungleScount has earned notoriety in the Amazon tools space. This brand features some of the industry’s best merchant tools, and that includes its Keyword Scout.

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Keyword Scout helps merchants discover profitable keywords for their Amazon listing, and decide their best PPC bids.

This keyword tool comes with a listing builder. So you can put your keyword discoveries to use immediately and begin to reap the rewards.

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

Keyword Scout has some powerful features and desirable benefits. Let’s take a look.

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Scout shows merchants what their potential customers are searching for by drawing from millions of data points. You can find keyword search volumes by

  1. ASIN
  2. Exact match
  3. Broad match

Global Market Places

Shoppers from specific markets use search terms that reflect their local languages, terminology, or interests. Hence, Keyword Scout lets merchants find relevant keywords for shoppers from these countries:

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Jungle Scout - Get $304 OFF Jungle Scout Bundle!

From product research to keyword scout, list building, inventory management, sales tracking, analytics & more. Get Jungle Scout today & start growing.

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  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Mexico

So you can target global markets better.

Historical Data

Historical data shows you a keyword performed in the last two years. It gives you monthly and quarterly data. Hence, you can spot any seasonality trends if they exist.

Competitor Analysis

Amazon is competitive. So competitor insights are critical to building a thriving business. This keyword tool tracks competitor ranking, PPC costs, and more.

Save Money on Your PPC Campaigns

Keyword Scout promises to eliminate guesswork from your PPC campaign creation. For every keyword it lists, this tool shows you the cost-per-click so that you can make more intelligent decisions.

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Jungle Scout - Get $304 OFF Jungle Scout Bundle!

From product research to keyword scout, list building, inventory management, sales tracking, analytics & more. Get Jungle Scout today & start growing.

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Track Product Ranking by Keyword

You can monitor your product’s ranking performance over time for each keyword.

This feature lets you assess how your PPC and listing changes impact your sales performance.

If you’re looking for a solid keyword monitoring Amazon tool, Keyword Scout is for you.

JungleScout Pricing

JungleScout comes with a 14 day risk-free trial offering full refund.

  1. Basic – $39 per month
  2. Suite – $69 per month
  3. Professional – $129 per month

The good news is that Jungle Scout Chrome extension is now a feature and no more restricted to a specific plan.

These prices are for their monthly plans. You will pay significantly less for these plans if you choose their annual payment plan.

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Our Pick
Jungle Scout - Get $304 OFF Jungle Scout Bundle!

From product research to keyword scout, list building, inventory management, sales tracking, analytics & more. Get Jungle Scout today & start growing.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

2. AMZScout

AMZScout offers some of the best tools for Amazon sellers. The software targets both advanced and newbie merchants. They have attracted top brands like Casio, Redbull, Disney, Dell, and more.

According to AMZScout, they help businesses

  • Discover profitable Amazon products ideas
  • Figure out the market size of the product
  • Provide paid and organic marketing support
  • Do competitor analysis

One of the key product lines in AMZScout’s profile is its keyword tracking and analysis tool. What’s in it for you?

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

AMAZScout provides some high-quality keyword tracking and research features. Let’s take a look.

Keyword Tracker

This feature helps you make sense of how your listings and your competitors’ are performing. It uses a product’s ASIN to monitor how new keywords are influencing product ranking performance. So you can control your marketing and product optimization efforts better.

Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer feature lets you search for, spot, and use keywords that have significant demand. It’s a product page optimization feature that helps you rank higher on search engines. This feature aims to help you drive more customers to your store from search.

This feature provides you with 44 advanced filters to help you discover the best products on Amazon.

Product Keywords

This feature helps you discover great products by leveraging their historical data. It shows you their average prices, ranks, ratings, and more within different time frames.

Listing Wizard

Listing Wizard is in beta. This new feature aims to help users automate their listing and optimization. The feature works by taking high performing keywords from your competitors and using them to boost your product ranking.

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout has two pricing plans, including

  • Pro Extension – $44.99 per month
  • Bundle Plan – $49.87 per month

Yearly payment plans are cheaper. Lifetime subscription costs $299.

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3. SellerApp

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

SellerApp provides both keyword research and tracking features. However, for this article, let’s focus on their extensive tracking keyword tracking feature.

Amazon Keyword Tracker

Amazon keyword tracker helps you spot your best performing keywords and the non-performing ones. More so, you’re able to monitor your keyword rankings relative to your effort.

You’ll gain insights into your site’s key metrics, including

  • Page rank
  • Position
  • Search visibility

All thanks to this feature.

Keyword Trends

This feature shows you each keyword’s index status, i.e., if the keyword is indexed or not. It also shows you the number of products that Amazon has indexed for that keyword.

Additionally, you’ll see ranking changes, keyword position, and page rank. You will also see how your ranking history has changed over time. You may collate the data you get here and then measure the success you’ve enjoyed relative to your effort.

Track Competitors’ Keywords

Making profits is as important in business as knowing the competition you’re up against. Hence, SellerApp helps you spot the top sellers in your space and the keywords driving their business. It uses the Reverse ASIN feature to accomplish this task.

PPC Campaign Impact Analysis

You can monitor how your PPC campaigns have driven more revenue for your business by boosting your organic keyword rankings. In short, this tool helps you make sure that your paid advertising is yielding profits for your business and lowing your ad costs.

SellerApp Pricing

SellerApp offers you a 25 percent discount if you choose their annual billing. They offer three pricing plans.

  • Professional – $149 per month
  • Business – $299 per month
  • Entreprise – $399 per month

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4. Helium 10 Keyword Tracker

Helium 10 features a host of tools for Amazon sellers, about 20 tools in all. Among these tools are a host of top-notch keyword optimization tools like Magnet, Cerebro, Misspellinator, and Keyword Tracker.

This platform was founded by Manny Coats and Guilliamo Puyol with the purpose to help Amazon sellers rise t the top. The right keywords are critical for sellers to rise to the top.

So how does Helium 10 help?

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

For this article, we’ll focus on the Keyword Tracker tool.


Helium 10’s Keyword Tracking tool maintains an intuitive design and user-friendly interface. Consequently, you can track your product’s keywords and improve your Amazon listing page with minimal effort.

Amazon Keyword Monitoring

Its Amazon keyword monitoring feature lets you key an eye on the Amazon niches you’re targeting. It unearths the profitable keywords in that niche so that you can focus on boosting your rankings.

Log Changes

You can keep track of what worked in your marketing and what failed. And then use that information to optimize your efforts going forward.

Track Competitors

Competition is stiff on Amazon, and rankings change pretty frequently. So you want to ensure that you know how well your competitors are doing. And then, how your product’s performance compares to their SEO strategy.

Data and Analytics

Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker feature draws up data from your keywords and provides reporting that you can access. Including your

  • Keyword ranking
  • Percentage change in ranking
  • Ranking trends over time
  • Estimates of monthly searchers

And others.

Helium 10 Keyword Tracker Pricing

You can track two ASINs for free with the keyword tracker tool. Alternatively, you can buy the tool for $57 per month or $570 per year.

If you prefer to access all Hemium 10 products, you can pay $97 or higher.

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Helium 10 - The All-in-one Software For Amazon Sellers

Be it product research, keyword research, listing optimization, inventory management, or market analysis, selling on Amazon gets easier with Helium 10.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

5. Sonar By Sellics

Sonar is an Amazon tool that’s a part of Sellics. You can find and track product keywords based on their ASIN, language, and other parameters.

Users can get Sonar to work in just three steps, and may decide to go ahead to using Sellics if they desire. So how does it help you track Sonar Amazon keywords?

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

Here are Sonar’s key features and benefits.

Keyword Search

You can find and track keywords by related keywords, reverse-lookup, synonymous keywords, and cross-market search. On the Sonar search box, you’ll find

  • Synonymous keywords as ‘Extended.’
  • Related keywords as  ‘Keyword.’
  • Reverse ASIN lookup as ‘ASIN.’
  • Cross market search as ‘Translate.’

This tool can give you data from Amazon Marketplace across six countries, including

  1. The United States of America
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. The United Kingdom

When you use the Translate function, you can choose German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Sonar also lets you filter and exclude permutations, i.e., if a keyword appears in more than one order, you can decide to exclude it.

Amazon Listing Creator

This tool helps you spot product listings that can use some improvement. From doing your Amazon keyword to getting recommendations for keyword optimizations. Specifically, you can optimize your product title, product descriptions, listing bullet points, and more.

Track Keyword Ranking

Use Sellics to track your keyword ranking and search volume. You can monitor unlimited keywords and run split tests to measure how your optimization efforts influence your ranking.

In short, it’s a great keyword monitoring Amazon tool you can use.

Sonar by Sellics Pricing

You get 14 days free trial for this product. The pricing for this tool depends on your sales volume. For example, sellers with a sales volume of $1000 to $60,000 can choose from three plans.

  • Monthly –  $67 pay as you go
  • Biannual – $57 per month
  • Annual – $47 per month

These plans include all Amazon markets, the Mobile app, Unlimited products, and all features. You can also use this product at $57 per month if you sell below $1000 monthly.

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6. Amazon Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool features the Amazon tool to help sellers discover great keywords using the Amazon autocomplete feature. When shoppers visit Amazon and use their search function, these searchers get search suggestions that other searchers have used frequently.

This keyword tool generates long-tail keywords from Amazon in a matter of seconds. The tool puts your seed word into an Amazon search box and then uses it to generate frequently searched keywords from buyers.

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

Here’s what you get from this tool.

Amazon Departments

You can search based on individual Amazon departments or all departments. The Amazon Keyword tool features a drop-down menu of all Amazon product departments to help you search for keywords with more specificity.

Languages and Marketplaces

You can also filter products based on languages and market places. On the right side of the search box, you’ll find a second drop-down menu that lists Amazon market places and appends their relevant languages.

So you can use this feature to find keywords that match specific marketplace in the language the audiences there speak.

Amazon Keywords Search Volume Estimates

This tool’s paid version lets users get search volume data on Amazon keywords using the clickstream data. The tool claims to make an accurate estimation of Amazon’s keyword volumes.

Amazon Keyword Tool Pricing

You can access this tool for free, but its Pro version has three price plans.

  1. Business – $159 per month
  2. Plus – $79 per month
  3. Basic – $69 per month

You can save up to 20 percent if you pay yearly and not monthly.

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7. Scientific Seller

Scientific Seller’s keyword tracking tool brands itself as the “Slow and steady winner.” You can access this tool in English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Hebrew.

According to Scientific Seller, merchants who use their keyword tool experience a ten percent increase in monthly revenue. So what’s in it for you? 

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

Here’s what you get with this tool.

Amazon Keyword Research

Scientific Seller uses Amazon’s keyword suggestion and other, advanced keyword search methods to find relevant keywords for their users. It prides itself on discovering keywords that have low or near zero competition.

Hence, Scientific Seller’s users benefit from accessing keywords that other merchants don’t even know exist.

Search Seed Words in Bulk

You can find keywords in bulk using the bulk keyword tool. Scientific Seller suggests that you use very few keywords for your initial search.

Amazon Marketplaces

You can find keywords from multiple marketplaces with this tool. You can find keywords for buyers in

  1. Australia
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. China
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. India
  8. Italy
  9. Japan
  10. Mexico
  11. Netherlands
  12. Spain
  13. United Kingdom

Export Data

You can export your keyword data from Scientific Seller data. This feature is only available on the paid plan.

Save Searches

Scientific Seller lets you save your searches for later retrieval. So you can conduct your keyword search and then save them for further analysis or export them later.

Search Speed

This tool crawls and filters through thousands of keywords, and then prioritizes them for the user. This detailed and deep search method makes search speed incredibly slow.

However, search speed varies with each pricing plan. The higher the pricing plan, the faster the results you receive.

Scientific Seller Pricing

You have three pricing plans for this product. However, only users with the Power Seller plan access keywords beyond the United States marketplace. Others are restricted to the USA.

  1. Power Seller – 49.99 per month
  2. Seller – $29.99 per month
  3. Basic – Free

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8. Kparser

The Kparser Amazon keyword tool takes pride in its unique algorithm. The Kparser tool is unique for its profit. The algorithm uses the profitability analysis of top sellers to decide what keywords to show you.

Specifically, they analyze how regularly a search for a keyword term ends in a sale, or clicks, scrolls, and some other on-page engagement.

They use known and little-known keywords to decide what to bring up. What can you gain from Kparser?

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

These are Kparser’s features.

Kparser Rank

The Kparser rank has the core of what the tool has to offer. It stays ahead of the rest by providing keywords beyond the volume. It takes quality into account when featuring keywords. The keywords you find are those that led to some level of engagement.

Search Volume

According to Kparser, they use keywords entered into Amazon only. To achieve this level of performance, they built a checker to monitor and collect data on the number of keywords buyers use on Amazon and not Google.

Amazon doesn’t provide data about the number of searches a keyword receives. So, Kparser has developed advanced algorithms and predictive tools to help them determine the search volume of keywords.

Countries or Marketplaces

Kparser avails Amazon buyer data from countries and marketplaces across the globe. This tool features countries that don’t have an Amazon marketplace of their own. It probably brings useful buyer data to the table from these countries.


Like the countries and marketplace situation, Kparser search features multiple languages. These languages include those that do not belong to any Amazon marketplace.

Kparser Pricing

Kparser offers a ten-day money-back guarantee. And it offers three plans.

  • Basic – $26 per month
  • Startup – $30 per month
  • Pro-Account – $61 per month

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9. AmazVol

AmazVol terms itself as the keyword tool for ‘Competent Sellers.’ This tool shines in its simplicity. It maintains a simple research procedure that any beginner or pro seller can use.

So how does this tool help you achieve your business goal? Let’s explore it.

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

AmazVol is methodical in finding, analyzing, and availing viable Amazon keywords. Let’s explore the features it brings to the table.

New Keyword Discovery

AmazVo’s keyword search volume stands out. It combines strategy development with search volume.

The tool promises to help users stay a step ahead of their competitors. So it searches for and discovers thousands of relevant keywords to help them rank their products.

Relevant Keyword Suggestions

Apart from providing sellers with keyword search volume, AmazVol provides a robust keyword suggestion tool to help merchants find more relevant keywords. Every month, this tool provides a list of relevant keywords you can use to boost or strengthen your ranking.

Global Marketplace Keyword

If you’re planning to sell to a global audience and need to know what keywords your target product users type into Amazon search, this feature will come handy. You can find relevant keywords for Amazon marketplaces of other countries apart from the US, 

  • Canada
  • France
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • India
  • Italy
  • Australia

AmazVol Pricing

AmazVol has two pricing plans. Monthly and Yearly plan.

  • Monthly payment – $5.99 every month
  • Annual payment – $59.99 a year

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10. WordTree

WordTree’s mission is to help you discover why your competitors’ products rank higher than your product, and how you can change that for good! Hence, they have some Amazon seller tools to help sellers enjoy this mission.

This platform features and prices four tools separately. Let’s take a look.

Features, Strengths, and Benefits

One of the quick benefits here is that WordTree’s featured tools do not come in a unit, so you can choose and pay for what you want.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

The reverse ASIN lookup feature helps you spot the keywords your audiences are typing into Amazon to find your competitors. Apart from an optimization toolkit and keyword list for your keyword, this features comes with other capabilities like

  • Sales velocity
  • Search volume
  • Relevancy scores

Amazon PPC Manager

The WordTree Amazon PPC Manager takes just minutes to set up, but cuts costs and saves time that would have been lost without this software. It used advanced machine learning tools to help you manage your Amazon ads. The feature comes with 

  • An optimization toolkit
  • ASIN-specific stats
  • Sales information
  • Graphs
  • Manager

Amazon Rank Tracker

Amazon rank tracking tool helps you track your product’s keyword ranking. So you’d know if your changes and investment in ranking keywords are working or failing. You’ll enjoy this feature’s visual experience, rich with graphs and tables. It comes with

  1. An optimization toolkit
  2. Keyword list
  3. Ranking graph
  4. Ranking trends

All in all, it’s a decent Amazon rank tracking tool.

Keywords Index Checker

This is a free tool on Chrome for checking if Amazon has indexed your keywords.

WordTree Pricing

Reverse ASIN Lookup Pricing

You get up to ten competitors, ASIN lookup with WordTree. This feature costs $20 for a report.

Amazon PPC Manager Pricing

This feature has four pricing plans. It also gives a 21-day free trial. You may choose from these plans:

  • Bronze – $47 per month
  • Silver – $97 per month
  • Gold – $147 per month
  • Platinum – $247 per month

Amazon Rank Tracker Pricing

WordTree’s Amazon Rank Tracker has four pricing plans. This feature also has a 31 days free trial.

  • Bronze – $19 per month
  • Silver – $59 per month
  • Gold – $119 per month
  • Platinum – $299 per month

Keywords Index Checker Pricing

The KW Index Checker is a free tool.

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Decide: Your Best Amazon Keyword Tracking Tools

These tools are all incredibly useful. But, depending on your business goals, you might prefer one of them for now and then find the other tools useful later.

Look at your business goals and then decide what works for you. Get started!

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