Vipon vs JumpSend

You have found a product that you want to introduce to the online world. You have completed your keyword research and created a good listing.

But, the work isn’t done yet. The actions you take now will decide your fate on Amazon.

Amazon sellers know how important a product launch strategy is. It does not matter how awesome your product is if you don’t have a good product launch strategy. You will struggle to make your first sale.

In order to launch your product successfully, you must put it in front of the people – as many as you can – within the first twenty-four hours. This is where Vipon and JumpSend come in.

In this review, we are going to compare these two products and show you how these two tools can help you with your Amazon product launch.

What Is Vipon

Vipon reviews are easy to find on the internet so we won’t just be doing a Vipon review. To make it interesting and useful, we’ll take a step ahead and compare it with JumpSend.

Vipon is a site that offers bargains and amazing deals on Amazon products. These deals are exclusive to members only. Online users can shop for Amazon products with discounts of up to 90 percent.

Some products even come with a 100 percent discount meaning that the buyer only pays for the product’s shipping fee.

Members only need to choose the available bargains and deals they like and click them. Then they will receive a coupon code. Vipon will direct them to the product page on Amazon where they can complete the purchase.

They would only have to enter the input code when they are checking out and the discount will be applied. Members would have to pay the discounted price and the shipping fee, saving them some money.

Vipon was formerly known as AMZ Review Trader and buyers who got a deal from the website at that time had to post a review about the product they bought from Amazon using the AMZ Review Trader’s deal.

The discounts on AMZ Review Trader came from the seller of the products as they hoped to entice people to buy their products and leave positive reviews.

The site offered discounts and deals on products in exchange for favorable reviews.

But, with changes in Amazon’s policy, reviews are now optional. Signing on Vipon is easy and free so buyers don’t have to worry about paying any registration fee.

Who Is Vipon For

Vipon is used by both shoppers and sellers. Sellers are the merchants who’ve products listed on Amazon for sale.

They provide discounts and deals to the shoppers. Sellers don’t actually use the Vipon website. Instead, they use AMZ Tracker to manage their products and discounts and deals on Vipon.

AMZ Tracker helps sellers grow their rankings and maintain them. It provides them the ability to track their products and see how they are performing.

AMZ Tracker also helps sellers determine how they can increase their overall conversation rate and how they can avoid negative reviews. Moreover, sellers have the opportunity of advertising their products to shoppers through the bargains and deals they offer on Vipon.

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Being a member of Vipon, shoppers get to enjoy amazing Vipon deals and discounts on products they want to buy on Amazon or usually buy from the website.

They would only have to visit Vipon, choose the product with a deal or discount, get the coupon code, and be directed to Amazon to complete their purchase.

As we mentioned, before the changes in Amazon’s policy, Vipon members had to leave a review on the product they bought. This helped increase the overall product ratings on Amazon.

Since leaving reviews is no more necessary, it is great for buyers.

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Vipon Deals & How Does Vipon Work

People often ask what is Vipon Amazon, Vipon deals and how does it work. Let me explain.

Vipon helps people save money when they are making purchases on Amazon. The website initially offered discounts and deals in exchange for reviews.

So buyers had to write reviews if they were to get a discount. But now they can purchase items at discounted rates without having to give anything in return.

Buyers can still write a review, but this isn’t a requirement for getting a discount. Since Vipon offers bargains and discounts on several products available on Amazon, people who love buying things from Amazon can benefit greatly from it.

When a shopper likes a product, it’s likely that he would buy it anyway. This is where Vipon can be helpful. It doesn’t hurt to check it out on Vipon first to see if there is a deal or discount on it.

In this manner, they can get a product they intend to buy at a discounted rate and possibly even for free. Vipon members can request a maximum of 150 Vipon deal vouchers every month.

There is a limit of twenty vouchers within a one-day (24-hour) period though. It’s important that members give feedback on the deals requested by them.

Members can see the deals they have requested in the “My Deal Request” tab at the top right-hand side of the webpage. If more than 20 Vipon deals are without feedback, they can’t apply for any more coupons.

They would have to click on either one of the buttons found below the request: “Report a problem”, “I have already purchased this” or “I don’t want this product anymore”.

Becoming a Vipon member is easy since there is no registration fee and the sign-up process is fast. People only have to provide their email id and set a password. They will just have to verify their email id and then they can start using Vipon.

For sellers, Vipon or AMZ Tracker provides a great opportunity to help them increase their sales and number of customers they get. A Vipon seller can also use the website to test out new Amazon products.

It can also help Vipon sellers to improve their overall rankings on Amazon as more people would be buying and using their products.

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Vipon Pros

  • Vipon provides great bargains and discounts for several products that people usually buy from Amazon. This makes it a great website for online buyers.
  • Becoming a member is simple and easy since people only have to provide their email address and set up a password. Registration through Google+ and Facebook is also possible.
  • Vipon is free to join. Users don’t have to pay anything to join Vipon, which means that they can get discounts and deals without giving anything in return.
  • Since many products listed on Vipon are available on Amazon, people who buy products from Amazon can benefit greatly from the Vipon deals and discounts.

Vipon Cons

  • Vipon says that people can get items for free, but it is actually really rare to find products with a 100 percent discount on Vipon. The highest discount that’s most likely to be found on the website is 90 percent.
  • The maximum number of vouchers that members can request in a month is 150. This can be a problem for hardcore shoppers. It is important to note that a voucher will be considered and counted as requested even if it wasn’t used.
  • The voucher may not work if there are several products on the cart. Members should, therefore, purchase discounted products one by one for the coupon code to work.

Is Vipon Legit?

Absolutely. They are on the scene for a while now. Not only it’s a decent site for finding great Amazon deals, sellers too find it useful.

In fact, it is one of the largest Amazon deals sites.

What Is JumpSend

JumpSend is now a part of Jungle Scout and called Launch.

It helps sellers to efficiently sell their products on Amazon. It works in two ways: as an automated email system and as a deals site.

It is one of the most effective tools for distributing coupons, engaging customers, and running promotional campaigns.

Now that Jump Send has merged with Jungle Scout, there is little doubt about the functionality of the software and the quality of its customer service.

JumpSend helps sellers successfully launch their products so that they can rake in more sales.

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Jump Send Features

One of the most difficult things about selling on Amazon is getting sales for your products. Another challenge is getting reviews on the products. In order to get more sales, you need to rank up your listings.

People need to buy your products and leave good reviews for your listings to rank up.

If you fail to get any traction within the first week, your product might not be successful. It will end up in the death spiral, meaning that no one will be able to find and buy it.

Two main features of JumpSend that can help increase sales of your products include:

JumpSend Promotional Giveaways

Promotional giveaways can be used to introduce your product to an existing group of shoppers. This may help you gain more sales.

Amazon’s rules are fairly simple – the more product units you sell, the higher will be your product ranking. So you want your products to sell for the money as well as for higher search rankings.

JumpSend’s promotional giveaways makes it easier for you to increase your sales as they help you promote your products to more than 100,000 shoppers present on JumpSend via promotional discounts.

Offering products at a discounted rate may help improve your sales and help you get your products in front of your customers.

JumpSend also has a “Keyword Targeted URL” feature that can give your listing a boost even while you are running a promotion.

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Jump Send Automated Email

By sending out automated emails, you can keep your customers in the loop without putting too much effort. JumpSend allows you to easily reach out to your customers using targeted email templates that can be customized.

Everyone knows that opening a communication line with customers is essential to success on Amazon, especially after the purchase.

Sending a follow-up email to customers after they have made a purchase shows that you take customer service very seriously.

Moreover, it increases your chances of receiving a positive review on your product that you sold.

Amazon sellers know that product reviews are extremely powerful. They can convince potential shoppers to click that buy button. Reviews also affect how a seller’s product listings will appear when customers use the Amazon search bar.

The more positive reviews a product gets, the higher it will be ranked on Amazon.

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How JumpSend Helps Boosting Product Sales

Creating a Promo

The “Register” page link on JumpSend takes you to Jungle Scout site from where you can take the process forward.

After you have signed up for an account on JumpSend, you will need to link it with your Amazon account and turn on all the products you want to create a campaign for.

You can check out JumpSend deals marketplace to see what is selling there. You could also search for deals from your competitors to see what you are up against.

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Then you need to choose the products that you wish to promote. When you click on the promotions tab, a form will appear. Fill it. Since JumpSend is connected to Amazon, most of the details will automatically appear there.

To boost your product listing, use JumpSend’s keyword targeted URL. You can check if your product listing is being indexed for any specific keyword.

Once you are happy with the keyword, move on to the next step and turn the “Inventory Protection” feature on. This feature is designed to limit the number of product units a customer can purchase.

This ensures that you don’t lose your inventory. Set the promotion’s start and end date.

Create coupon codes for your product. Decide whether to automatically or manually approve buyers who can get their coupon codes redeemed. You can choose the number of shoppers to approve every day.

Before you publish your promotion, review all details. Once you click publish, you will see your listing appear on the marketplace.

Creating an Email Campaign

Choose the product for which you want the email campaign to be created. Use the SKU of your product to set it up.

You will need to select a pre-set template to be used for the campaign. You are also free to create your own template.

Select the sequence of emails that will be used when a customer orders your product. Different emails can be created depending on triggers. You may add images, text, and logos to customize the emails.

Once you are satisfied with the templates you have created, you can preview them to see how they’ll appear in the inbox of a customer.

Create a customized product review email to remind shoppers to write a review for the product they bought from you and set it to send one week after your product is delivered.

Check your links to ensure that they are correct. Publish your campaign.

Wrap Up – JumpSend vs Vipon

Now that you are better aware of the two tools, you can pick one and get started.

For us, JumpSend is a better choice. More so because it is now a property of Jungle Scout.

Author: Scott MacarthurScott L. Macarthur is a marketing consultant and an online author. He is mostly engaged in providing his expertise to startups and SMBs. He is also an author on TheNextWeb.