AdSector Review, Pricing, 30% Coupon & Trial

Every digital marketer or online business owner wants to stay on top of cutting-edge trends so as to realize sales, increase revenues, and grow their business.

If you’re just starting out or you’ve already mastered the money game, there are several easy and complex methods to use to get ahead.

Today, however, there are many tools that can help you achieve your sales and business objectives by knowing what the competition is doing.

This is made possible through spying on your competitors’ ads to see what promotional materials they’re currently using, analyzing how they do it, and carving out your own creative strategy from it.

Before you go out and start looking for spying tools, you need to know that there’s a whole bunch of them, so you have to be sure that the one you pick is the best for your needs.

They also come in various categories like spying tools for native ads, mobile, and social media.

For purposes of this review, we’ll talk about Facebook ad spying tools, with specific reference to one particular software that’ll ensure your strategies win every time: AdSector.

Why Use A Spying Tool?

As the epitome of online marketing, social media’s ever-growing audience is a prime piece of real estate that every marketer or online business owner wants to have.

If you’re not fully indulging in social media marketing, then you’re missing out on an audience that’s ready to buy anything that’s well advertised, especially on Facebook.

With a Facebook ads spy tool, you can research on the competition easily and see what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and what makes them successful.

If the tool recognizes a gap you can fill, take it as an opportunity to use in your own campaigns.

Some Facebook ad spy tools like WhichAdsWork and BigBigAds were shut down, but new tools have been developed and launched right after that.

Among the new tools is AdSector, which has all the capabilities that previous tools had, and it’s a goldmine for any marketer looking for success in online marketing and business growth.

This is a Facebook ad spying tool that shows you what works on the social platform, so you can get inspiration to create messaging and ads that will grab the attention of your target audience fast.

With this tool, you won’t need to keep doing multiple tests on different versions of your ads or messages just to figure out which option works.

You don’t even need to cross your fingers every time you launch new ads onto the platform.

We’re going to review the tool, go over its key features, and show you how it can benefit your marketing efforts and business by simplifying competitor research.

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What Is AdSector?

AdSector is a Facebook ads spy tool that lets you tap into the millions of ads on the social platform through comprehensive search mechanisms to find what you’re looking for.

Its ad database offers millions of ads from competing brands in your niche, which you can search for using keywords, advertisers, and publishers.

You can then sort out the search results by country, gender, feature, position, and age, among other variables.

Its affiliate network tool helps affiliate and CPA marketers find what their counterparts are currently promoting in their own social media ad campaigns, especially on Facebook.

Similarly, there’s an ecommerce platform that helps those in dropshipping carry out competitive research easily.

AdSector provides powerful features including proprietary filtering functions, downloadable landing pages, and target market interests, among others, in a simple, clean interface.

It offers the competitive advantage you need as it’ll organize all the information you’re looking for.

It’ll also find and download successful landing pages and ads in seconds, so you can figure out what you need to deploy your own campaign successfully.

This way, you no longer have to apply guesswork to create and launch ads that’ll grab the audience’s attention.

You can simply use what works online to design ads that will be effective and deliver results.

AdSector displays what currently works online, hence giving you inspiration to create messages that’ll grab your prospects’ attention quickly.

No more multiple test versions of one message to figure out which one will work, or crossing your fingers each time you launch new ads.

How AdSector Works

The affiliate marketing scene is dynamic and rapidly moving so if you’re not in line, you can get left behind.

AdSector helps you stay current so you can deliver the right messages to your potential prospects using three simple steps:

  • Learn: You can know the landing pages and promotional messages that will work, by learning from those who are already doing them well. AdSector allows you to tap into your competitors’ ads and see what works for them, as it brings together thousands of successful ads and landing pages to your screen in just seconds.
  • Improve: With AdSector’s advanced filtering system, you get to find out what you need to do to improve on your own ads and get the results you’re looking for, or exceed them. The tool shows you the images competitors use to elicit best responses and ads that grab their attention, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just copy what’s working and be an innovator in your industry.
  • Grow faster: With the information AdSector provides from its powerful tools and features, you can scour the internet for the best ads available, and use them to design your own offerings to your benefit. Grow faster using AdSector’s tools to create winning campaigns for your ecommerce and affiliate marketing business.

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Benefits Of Using AdSector

Successful online businesses and marketers are making tons of cash from affiliate marketing and ecommerce.

You, too, can tap into the prosperity by circumventing traditional ad and competitive research and testing by using AdSector.

It’ll give you instant access to millions of ads, content, and graphics to find the right offers and tracking software you can use to create your own successful campaigns.

Eliminate the guesswork by learning what the competition is doing and save thousands of dollars monthly to create successful ads for your own campaigns.

With AdSector, you’ll get these and other benefits including:

  • Finding everything you need from its straightforward interface with a few mouse clicks
  • Find the images you need to connect emotionally with your potential prospects and clients
  • Download complete landing pages to learn everything you can about successful formats within seconds
  • Create effective ads by looking at millions of ads, seeing what makes them work, and using their strategies to build effective ad copy for your campaigns
  • See cloaked money pages and full targeting information used in competitors’ campaigns
  • Find campaigns that promote affiliate offers and ecommerce shops in one click
  • View target market/audience interests using filters, which help streamline your research while saving you a lot of time
  • Easy retrieval of information, which is organized and stored for later when you need it

AdSector is a great tool to use if you’re looking to grow your business fast by seeing what Facebook ads your competitors are running and using to target their audiences.

You can discover the best ads, why they work, and create your own personal strategy to make successful messages and ads.

Its database is updated every day with thousands of examples of Facebook ads so you can find the most relevant campaigns, without having to spend precious dollars on failing strategies.

It’s also good to use to attract new clients.

The beauty is you get the convenience of knowing exactly where you need to target your audiences, and fight your competitors, so as to be more successful as they are.

AdSector Coupon & Free Trial

AdSector offers you a competitive advantage as you get to use an advanced system to filter millions of ads from the competition.

If you run Facebook traffic, you can get AdSector for $249 per month, but there’s an introductory offer of $74 off the regular price so you pay $175 per month instead.

To enjoy this coupon, simply sign up for AdSector and input the code 74OFF to save $74 per month on the ad discovery platform.

It’s an offer you won’t find at this price anywhere else, and you can pay using Bitcoin too!

If you have any questions regarding your download of the software, receipts, returns, or refunds, contact their support team via email.

In order to stay on top of current trends and happenings in the affiliate marketing or ecommerce industry, you need a tool that’ll filter by ecommerce or affiliate network and tracking system.

AdSector has all these and a lot more what with its powerful features, to help you find the winning ads and the audiences they target, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these features below.

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AdSector Real-time Status Checker

With this feature, you can see how many links have been improved, not followed, or even removed. It’ll give you instant access to the information you need at any time, day or night.

It basically counts by the second, and at the time of writing this article, there were over 1.3 million counted links recorded in AdSector’s real time status checker.

AdSector Advanced Search & Filtering

AdSector allows you to filter your search results by affiliate networks or interest so you can delve deeper into the leads, plus search and filter by what is happening on different pages.

With the latter, you can search pages using funnels, trackers, and ecommerce platforms.

You can easily see your target audience and what the competition is or has been doing, and then create winning campaigns right from the start, instead of testing methods that may or may not work.

The search options come in three different categories-

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1. Search mode

This function lets you choose a date range to see when an ad was last seen, for example the past 7 days, or at most 30 days, to find the relevant ads for your research.

You can search by advertiser, keyword, or publisher, and determine the competitors in a particular category.

If you’re in a particular niche, say baby carriers, you can search for various relevant keywords to see your competitors in the baby carrier niche.

In advertiser search mode, you can insert advertisers’ URLs and learn more about their ads, while publisher search mode helps you see how others promote their ads, if that’s what you’re trying to analyze.

2. Filter

AdSector’s filters let you make detailed searches by country, age, gender, type of content (images or videos), relationship status, and more.

You can find relevant ads that your target market is receiving while you carry out targeting on Facebook.

3. Lander props

This feature is also part of the search function and lets you search by tracking system, affiliate network, and ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Magento.

Once you apply all these search variables, AdSector presents your results based on your search query with all the ads relevant to your searches displayed on one page.

Clicking on any ad from the search results shows in-depth data such as ad reach, social engagement, targeted interests, week trends, gender, age, country, and relationship status, among others.

The broad data in AdSector is simple and easy to understand so you can create and launch winning campaigns for your business.

From the search results, you can view the engagement level for each ad, play or download video ads that the competition is running, and send to media buyers to get creative inspiration.

You can also favorite or bookmark ads you like and see the full ad copy used, among other details.

This saves on a lot of time that would be spent digging into the social platforms to find ads relevant to your searches.

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Bookmark Ads

AdSector lets you bookmark, save, and organize ads to make them easier and faster to find by building a personalized database with the ads you want to use for your messaging and campaigns.

AdSector Image & Page Downloads

You can view and download hundreds of images from the ads you see and tap into emotionally resonating messages that your target audience can connect with.

This is made possible with AdSector’s unique tracking and storage features.

It also lets you save time that you’d otherwise have spent finding the right landing pages to emulate, by downloading your favorite pages in one click.

AdSector saves the links to the best landers online so you can learn whatever you want in just seconds.

AdSector Detailed Analytics

AdSector offers detailed and advanced analytics that will show you weekly trends, ad reach, social media responses and interactions, audience demographics, and much more.

It’s one of the most comprehensive analytics you will find in the industry, so you can see all you need to know about competitors’ ads, and do faster, simpler competitive research online.

With the analytics available, you can understand your competitors’ entire funnels, see what to innovate or improve on, and even download landing pages, which CPA affiliates will find useful.

You can also go to their original Facebook ad posts and gain insights from the reactions and comments of the audience.

Other advanced stuff you can view includes outgoing URLs that’ll help you find CPA offers your competitors are promoting.

You can even sort out landing pages to see the ones that work best, especially the longest running ones.

AdSector Powerful Interface

AdSector’s powerful interface features basic information, details of the ads, search modes, landing props, and a download page that lets you launch campaigns instantly, with the click of a button.

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AdSector Support

While there isn’t much on AdSector’s official website in terms of support, you can always reach out to them via email.

However, if you need to call or get some troubleshooting articles, knowledgebase, tips and tricks, or even an online forum or community, AdSector doesn’t offer those.

It’s pretty much email support for now, and this is for any issues you may have when receiving or downloading the software, or for queries about returns or refunds.

AdSector Pricing

As mentioned earlier, AdSector’s monthly subscription costs $249 per month, but there’s an introductory offer currently running on the site for $175 per month.

If you enter the coupon code at sign up, you can get $74 off the usual price per month and enjoy the software’s powerful features.

The best part is you can even pay using Bitcoin. However, the introductory offer price isn’t going to last that long, so you’re better off purchasing it at this price, before it goes back to its normal rate.

If you purchase AdSector and don’t like it for one reason or another, you can get a refund within three days of the original purchase of the software.

Contact AdSector’s support team for assistance if you have any issues downloading or receiving the software.

You can email support if you have any questions on their returns or refunds policy.

AdSector Pros & Cons


  • Feature-rich
  • Advanced filters and search options
  • Cuts down learning or campaign time
  • Competitive intelligence


  • Expensive, especially for newbies
  • Load times can be slow
  • There’s no information about the software’s owner(s)
  • Such tools tend to be shut down after a few months of usage

Is AdSector Worth Investing In?

Affiliate marketers and online business owners alike have a love/hate relationship with Facebook ad spying tools.

On one hand, they love them when they’re able to deliver or generate great ideas they can use for their new landing pages or campaigns.

On the other hand, the tools tend to rub marketers the wrong way when their own campaigns are the subject of spying, hence their strategies are exposed to their own competitors.

While this is true on both sides of the coin, the choice of whether to invest in AdSector as a spying tool or not, depends on your level and budget.

If you’re just starting out and have a lean budget to work with, AdSector is probably an expensive option to use.

In this case, you’re better off increasing your revenues and cash flow before investing in the tool.

However, if you’re a professional or have working knowledge of using ad spying tools and the online business, or affiliate marketing, and have the budget for it, it’s a great tool to implement.

The best part is it’ll significantly help you cut down on the learning time, as well as the campaign time you’d otherwise spend on research, creation, and launch of your campaigns.

If you’re running campaigns for the first time, you can start here by looking at what profitable funnels are like, and get the competitive intelligence you need to set off your own campaigns.

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Best Alternative To Adsector

AdSpy is a great tool to use when looking for inspiration to create and develop your own social media ad campaigns. 

Its searchable Facebook and Instagram ad database is designed to help advertisers create innovative ads by uncovering what they want from a wide range of comprehensive data using the tool’s search functionality.

It’s an affordable tool with a wealth of more than 77 million ads spanning 198 countries and over 82 languages. 

The data is drawn from more than 13 million advertisers, to give you control over what you’re looking for from different social media sites. 

Plus, you can use the platform’s global coverage to uncover and assess global trends without compromising on any information.

No matter what ad you need to know about, AdSpy’s simple interface, plus its search and filtering feature will exhaust its database to uncover and show you everything you’re looking for. 

This way, you can make better advertising and marketing decisions for your own campaigns, while monitoring the competition’s brands, and saving money on campaign testing.

AdSpy offers the most search options available in an ad intelligence tool, using search variables such as ad text, URL, page name, user reactions, likes, shares or comments, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Every marketer or business owner wants to know who their competition is in their respective niches or industry.

With AdSector, you not only get to view your ‘enemies’, but also your target audience, and what the competition is up to.

Creating campaigns that perform well right from the start is no longer a problem, compared to the old, traditional methods of testing out different campaigns and ad copy or creatives to see what may or may not work.

AdSector gives you access to millions of ads, publishers, and advertisers with insights you can use to create and launch successful and profitable marketing campaigns for your affiliate and ecommerce business.

With its powerful search options – search mode, filter, and lander props – you can find the most relevant ads, when they were seen and how long they ran, the engagement levels, keywords, advertisers, publishers, plus much more.

Now that you know how AdSector works and what it can do for your business, it’s time to check it out and start implementing it on your affiliate marketing or ecommerce store.

Just sign up, add the coupon code to get your discount, and start spying on the competition to create your best campaign yet.

Author: Elsie BiageElsie started off as a freelance business and tech journalist. Having written for publications like Lifewire, and WindowsReport, she has garnered immense exposure over the years. She is a certified social media expert with deep interest in internet marketing, ecommerce and information technology.