10 Best Gumroad Alternatives To Sell Digital Art, eBooks, etc

It’s no news that businesses are moving online at a pace that’s way faster than the best pundits ever predicted.

Although experts posited retail eCommerce will exceed $6.5 trillion by 2023, recent global events would have shifted that figure and it’d be significantly higher now.

Behind all that growth are eCommerce platforms. With a growing array of online tools, what’s the best platform to use to deliver your digital downloads?

Gumroad has been a big player in helping creatives sell their art, music, eBooks, videos, and more. Specifically, you can rely on the software to do these:

So why opt for alternatives?

Despite Gumroad’s capabilities, it has shortcomings. For example, it offers customers limited analytics and customization functionalities.

Here, we’ll talk about the best Gumroad alternatives to sell digital art, eBooks, and more. So if Gumroad doesn’t work for you, you’ll find a viable option.

Best Gumroad Alternatives

1. Podia

Podia helps you skip the technicalities of selling your art and digital goods online. The platform allows you to start selling as soon as possible.

You can offer different products like online courses, digital downloads, memberships, and webinars.

Unlike Gumroad, you can use this platform to run your entire business. So instead of focusing on payments and deliverables only, Podia lets you customize your product offering, upsell your buyers, manage affiliates, and more.

You can also build your website and publish posts on your blog.

Moreover, you can use Podia to create email marketing campaigns and build your customer relationships.

Features of Podia

You can use this eCommerce solution to set up your website. Podia offers free migration, unlimited hosting, multiple languages, currency support, custom URLs, and integrations.


You can use Podia to customize your sales pages and homepage to match your brand. Here you can include your brand logo and colors. You have full control of your pages and you can change the layouts.

Podia allows you to add videos, text, images, and testimonials. If you have existing content, you can seamlessly migrate it to this platform, optimized for all devices.


You can use Podia to build an engaged online community while earning recurring revenue. You can use this model to create different membership plans and publish exclusive content for your members.

You can use this feature to engage customers and bundle products for sale boosting. This software allows you to connect with your members on exclusive third-party groups.


You can market your products and boost sales using channels like these:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Messaging tools
  • Sales pages
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Conversion optimized checkouts
  • Payment plans
  • Affiliates
  • 1-click upsells
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Product bundles

Podia Pricing

Podia offers two pricing categories.

  • Mover – $39 per month
  • Shaker – $79 per month

Please note that the pricing is subject to change over time. Kindly check the Podia website for more information.

Advantages of Podia

  • It offers free hosting and migration
  • Live customer support
  • It offers an unlimited bandwidth
  • No transaction fees

Disadvantages of Podia

  • It does not support the sale of physical products
  • The platform is hard to navigate for beginners
  • Limited analytics and automation options

2. Selz

Selz is a simple platform for you to sell digital products, physical products, and professional services. This solution enables you to start, manage, and scale your business with ease.

You can use this platform for

  • Smart marketing
  • Multi-channel selling
  • Digital product selling
  • Inventory management
  • Business and consumer insight
  • Invoicing and taxing, etc.

Features of Selz

Gumroad offers you a landing page but Selz does more. You’ll get both the landing pages and other features to support your sales.

It offers a complete set of business features that allows you to create a customizable eCommerce site with ease.

You can use Selz to sell any service and different digital products, like eBooks, software, videos, and digital downloads.

You can use this platform to scale your business and sell it through different channels. Selz lets you develop eCommerce websites, works with existing blogs or websites, social media, and across marketplaces.


This eCommerce solution provides a simple online store builder for you to create a functional online store. Unlike Gumroad, Selz gives you maximum control over your eCommerce store. You can use boost your visibility by

  • Adding your custom domain name
  • Adding a shopping cart, on-page checkout, and products to existing websites
  • Showcasing your products in marketplaces like Google Shopping

Selz allows you to drive conversions and sales using in-built marketing tools. You can coordinate your content marketing, optimize for SEO, run promotions, and take care of discounts.

Business Insights

You can use this eCommerce solution to get real-time insights into your customers and their buying behavior. Selz integrates with analytics engines like Bing Analytics and Google Analytics.

You can use Selz to scale and manage your business processes. The platform lets you manage your inventory, product shipping, and taxes. You can even manage your staff right on Selz.

Selz Pricing

This solution has four pricing categories.

  • Basic: $29 per month (2 Staff accounts)
  • Standard: $59 per month (5 Staff accounts)
  • Advanced: $199 per month (15 Staff accounts)
  • Do IT For Me: $599 per month

Pricing for Selz may change. Please visit their website for more information.

Advantages of Selz

  • It offers unlimited bandwidth and hosting
  • 24/7 live support
  • Unlimited customization capabilities
  • No setup fees

Disadvantages of Selz

  • High processing fee

3. SendOwl

SendOwl helps business owners to increase their digital product sale conversion rates. Here’s what you get from SendOwl:

  • Payment gateways integrations
  • Conversion optimized checkouts
  • Automated digital delivery

Features of SendOwl

SendOwl allows you to scale your business and sell your digital products with ease using:

  • Responsive checkouts
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multi-channel selling

SendOwl helps businesses to handle their sales administration, tracking, and reporting.

You can use this eCommerce solution to sell anything you want like digital products, services, physical products, memberships, subscriptions, and drip functionality.

Beyond product sale, SendOwl helps you secure your digital files and scales with your business. You can increase your conversions with these features:

  • Custom checkout fields
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Email marketing
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Free updates

SendOwl enables you to protect your digital products like PDFs and videos. You can let this solution handle the generation, issuance, and storage of your software license keys.

SendOwl Pricing

This solution has three price categories.

  • Standard: $15 per month (no upsells)
  • Premium: $24 per month (1 upsells)
  • Business: $39 per month (3 upsells)

Compared to Gumroad, SendOwl has no transaction fees. Please note that the pricing may change over time. Visit Send Owl’s website for updated information.

Advantages of SendOwl

  • No transaction fees
  • It offers tax management capabilities
  • Multiple language support

Disadvantages of SendOwl

  • No live support
  • No community support
  • It lacks A/B split testing

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4. Payhip

Like Gumroad, you can sell your digital products directly to customers on Payhip. You can also sell and promote memberships on this platform.

Features of Payhip

This eCommerce solution provides tools to grow your business and increase your product sales. Unlike Gumroad, Payhip has optimized checkouts, multichannel selling, and instant digital downloads.

Moreover, Payhip supports multiple payment gateways — features you won’t find in Gumroad. You can use this platform to accept payments from different international currencies.

Payhip helps you to boost your product sales using powerful marketing features like:

  • Affiliate systems
  • Coupons
  • Embedded checkouts and shopping carts
  • Customer updates

Payhip enables you to customize your checkout to fit your brand. I also found out you can protect your digital downloads on this solution with limited downloads, PDF stamping, and software licensing.

Like Gumroad, Payhip offers you membership management solutions. You can set up multiple payment plans and membership levels. Payhip lets you update your membership database and control what members see.

The tool lets you share exclusive content, customize your billing, and you can host your members on your site.

Additionally, you can set up free membership trials so that your customers can try the platform before you charge them any fees.

Payhip Pricing

Payhip offers three pricing categories.

  • Free Forever: $0 per month (5% transaction fee)
  • Plus: $20 per month (2% transaction fee)
  • Pro: $99 per month (No transaction fee)

Note that the prices are subject to change over time. Please visit the Payhip website for more information.

Advantages of Payhip

  • Easy to use
  • You can sell subscriptions and memberships
  • It supports multiple payment gateways
  • Digital downloads security
  • It offers custom billing intervals

Disadvantages of Payhip

  • Sale of physical products not supported
  • It offers limited 3rd party integrations

5. Sellfy

Sellfy is an eCommerce solution that helps creators and online businesses to sell digital products and merchandise with ease. This easy-to-use solution allows users to

  • Create and customize their stores
  • Grow their sales
  • Reach their audience on any platform

Features of Sellfy

Sellfy makes it easy for creators to build a store and sell their products. You can use this solution to

  • Sell all types of digital products
  • Sell physical products
  • Print products like hoodies, t-shirts, and hats on demand
  • Build digital subscription products, etc.

Unlike Gumroad’s lack of customizations, you can customize your Sellfy storefront to suit your brand. You can add your brand logo and colors, connect your existing domain, add shopping carts, and optimize for mobile devices.


Sellfy enables you to grow your business and market your audience better by using discounts, email marketing, upselling, and Facebook and Twitter ad pixels.

Performance Analytics

With this platform’s inbuilt Google analytics, you can track your customers, best selling products, and traffic-driving channels with ease. Online businesses can sell their products on their websites or social media platforms by

  • Adding product links on social media platforms
  • Adding “Buy now” buttons
  • Embedding product cards
  • Embedding the whole Sellfy store into the website
Payment Options and Gateways

Beyond online product sales, Sellfy provides you with global payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. Trusted payment processors handle the payment information of buyers.

Sellfy Pricing

One more advantage that Sellfy has over Gumroad is no transaction fees. You’d simply pay a fixed monthly fee and use Sellfy all month, regardless of transaction volume.

This solution has three pricing categories.

  • Starter: $29 per month
  • Business: $59 per month
  • Premium: $129 per month

Sellfy offers a 14-day free trial to allow you to explore the platform with no strings attached. Pricing for this software may change over time. Please visit Sellfy’s website for more information.

Advantages of Sellfy

  • The platform is easy to use
  • The support team is available 24/7
  • There are multiple customization options
  • Sellfy provides in-depth analytics and reports unlike most of its alternatives

Disadvantages of Sellfy

  • There are limited gateway integrations
  • Additional payment processing fees
  • There are limited email credits

6. Digital Product Delivery (DPD)

You can use DPD to sell different digital content like eBooks, music, software, graphics, and themes. You do not need to have any programming knowledge to use this platform.

Unlike Gumroad, DPD integrates with different sales and marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber, iContact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, Google Analytics, Zapier, and Post Affiliate Pro.

Features of DPD

You can use one account on this platform to manage multiple stores. DPD offers different store level options like checkout customizations, payment processors, invoice and email templates, coupons and discounts, and integrations.

You can create an unlimited number of stores on the same account. DPD offers no bandwidth fees, sales commissions, and per-sale fees.

PDF Protection

You can use this solution to stamp your PDFs with the buyer’s information automatically. This process discourages the sharing of copyrighted content.

Here you can

  • Use your custom stamp text
  • Choose stamp position, size, and color
  • Set the specific page range for stamping
  • Encrypt PDF to prevent printing and text copying
Product Sale

DPD supports the sale of different types of products apart from digital products. Some of them include physical goods, services, subscriptions and memberships, product bundles, and key codes.

Product Updates

You can use this solution to send product updates to customers automatically. DPD allows you to integrate your customer data and checkout process with your custom programs.

Payment Gateways Supported

DPD supports multiple payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, Moolah, Sagepay, Pin Payments, ClickBank, and Authorize.Net. This is its advantageous feature over Gumroad.

DPD Pricing

This solution offers a flat rate based on your product number and size.

  • $10 per month (1GB product space, 20 products)
  • $16 per month (2GB product space, 35 products)
  • $30 per month (6GB product space, 120 products)

Note that the pricing is subject to change with time. Please visit the DPD website for more information.

Advantages of DPD

  • Support for different payment processors
  • It supports multiple 3rd party integrations
  • It offers digital products protection

Disadvantages of DPD

  • Limited customization options
  • No live support

7. FetchApp

Like Gumroad, FetchApp allows you to sell all types of digital products. Here you can sell music, photos, videos, eBooks, software, and PDFs.

You can use this solution to host your files securely. FetchApp helps in automating delivery for your customers with no additional installation.

Features of FetchApp

This hosted platform does not require any installation. You can accept payments on FetchApp through Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce, and Joomla.

With the FetchApp API, you can use your custom systems to receive payment.

You have complete control over when customers can access your files. This solution allows you to expire orders once received by customers.

Product Management

Before you can upload any product on this platform, you need to give them a title, price, and SKU. FetchApp allows you to import your products from BigCommerce or Shopify.

FetchApp lets you build product bundles and divide large files into smaller ones right within its platform.

Order Management

You can use FetchApp to track all your orders. This platform gives you complete control of your orders. You can use this eCommerce solution to

  • Directly add new orders
  • Automatically deliver download links
  • Restrict downloads by quantity or time
  • Customize customer emails
  • Edit, reopen, and resend orders
  • Manually expire orders
  • Enable previous customers to download updated files

FetchApp Pricing

This solution offers pricing plans based on storage space and bandwidth.

  • Free – $0 per month ( 5MB storage space, 25 orders per day)
  • $5 per month (50MB storage space, unmetered bandwidth)
  • $10 per month (2GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth)
  • $20 per month (5GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth)

Advantages of FetchApp

  • Automatic product delivery
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages of FetchApp

  • Limited customization features
  • Limited analytics and reporting features

8. CartFlows

You can use CartFlows to increase your sales conversions and profits. This platform enables you to turn your website into an optimized selling machine.

For those new to selling, CartFlows provides templates and training to get you on your feet. This solution offers complete control over every part of your journey with:

  • Unlimited upsells and downsells
  • Cart abandonment
  • Frictionless checkouts
  • Order bumps

Features of CartFlows

You can create landing and sales pages with the high converting templates provided. CartFlows works with popular page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi Builder, and Beaver Builder.

Optimized Checkout

You can replace your old checkout process with CartFlows’ optimized checkout. With this software, you can increase sales by adding order bumps to your checkout pages for complimentary products, training programs, and extended warranties.


You can create additional offers for your customers after checkout. Some of them include one time offers and software with higher pricing plans.

This feature allows you to cross-sell related product offers.

Marketing and Sales Tools

You can boost your sales and business growth using a wide array of tools. Cartflow allows you to track and analyze your store’s performance, add dynamic links, and manage your checkout. You can add custom checkout fields and manage cart abandonment events.

CartFlows Pricing

CartFlows offers one pricing plan. CartFlows Pro costs $299 per year.

Note that the pricing is subject to change over time. Please visit the CartFlows website for more information.

Advantages of CartFlows

  • It is compatible with existing page builders
  • Multiple integrations
  • Unlimited upsells and downsells

Disadvantages of CartFlows

  • Limited customization functionality
  • No affiliate marketing plugins

9. PayKickstart

You can use PayKickstart to accelerate your business growth and automate your customer’s journey. You can use this platform’s affiliate management system to sell products, services, and memberships.

Features of PayKickstart

You can use this solution to manage and track your customer’s lifecycle. This solution gives you complete control over your billing with subscriber acquisition tools.

PayKickstart integrates with Facebook retargeting and Google Analytics for visitor conversion. If you want to do this with Gumroad then you’ll have to resort to Zapier or other paid tools.

Moreover, PayKickstart lets you use coupon codes, order bumps, and 1-click upsells to maximize your conversions.

Affiliate Management

PayKickstart’s affiliate management system offers both instant and delayed commission payouts. You can use this feature to track leads and sales. This platform offers

  • In-built marketing materials
  • Automated bonus delivery
  • Lifetime commissions
  • W9/W8 tax form collection
Payment Processing

You can price your products using PayKickstart’s flexible subscription model.

This solution offers multiple payment options like credit and debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, ACH, Apple Pay, Authorize.net, and Braintree. PayKickstart offers API for custom integrations.

Analytics and Reporting

You can use this platform to analyze different types of reports. PayKickstart offers powerful marketing automation and integrations.

PayKickstart Pricing

This platform offers three pricing models.

  • Starter: $99 per month
  • Growth: $199 per month
  • Scale: $299 per month

If you process more than $200,000 in monthly revenue, PayKickstart offers a custom option for you.

Note that the prices are subject to change over time. Kindly visit the website for more information.

Advantages of PayKickstart

  • No transaction fees
  • Seamless API and webhooks integration

Disadvantages of PayKickstart

  • Poor user interface
  • Lack of A/B testing

10. SamCart

SamCart and Gumroad are tough competitors. 

You can use this online platform to sell your products. SamCart enables you, whether you are an influencer, course creator, or author, to share your product on any platform.

This platform enables you to build and promote your pages to boost sales. You can use the template library to customize your page to fit your brand.

Features of SamCart

SamCart integrates with over 750 tools to boost your business.

You can optimize your revenue using one-click upsells, A/B testing, advanced reporting, and smart pixel tracking.


This platform offers add-ons to help improve customer experience and increase conversions. Some of the add-ons include:

  • Affiliate center
  • Subscription saver
  • Cart abandonment
Business Management

You can manage your business using advanced subscriptions, partial refunds, custom fields, discounts, payment processors, and CRM integrations.

SamCart ensures you are always in compliance with tax regulations. You can integrate with your favorite systems for complete automation.

Like Gumroad, SamCart only offers Stripe and PayPal payment integrations. You can sell any number of products on this solution. 

SamCart Pricing

SamCart offers three payment categories.

  • Launch: $49 per month
  • Grow: $99 per month
  • Scale: $199 per month

Note that prices are subject to change with time. Kindly check the website for additional information.

Advantages of SamCart

  • Advanced A/B split testing
  • It offers webhooks integration

Disadvantages of SamCart

  • Limited payment processors

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The Best Gumroad Alternative

After looking at all the options out there, these are the ten best Gumroad alternatives I’ve found.

Although all platforms have their unique strengths, Podia is my top pick.

Alongside digital products, you can sell memberships and services.

Although it is priced higher, at $39 per month compared to Gumroad’s pricing of $10 a month, Podia charges no transaction fees. Gumroad takes 3.5 percent to ten percent in transaction fees. 

Unlike Gumroad, Podia offers free migration. Gumroad payouts happen weekly, Podia’s payout is immediate.

Author: Nicholas GodwinNicholas Godwin helps businesses tell profitable brand stories that their audiences love. He's worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies, global tech corporations and top consulting firms, from Bloomberg Beta, Accenture, PwC, and Deloitte to HP, Shell, and AT&T. Works with Mofluid these days.