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How Wal-Mart Leveraged Push Notification To Increase Sales



The advancement of technology has given many entrepreneurs and other small and large businesses a chance to experiment and make their business grow. For instance, some companies like encourages artists to showoff their projects and get funds through crowd funding. When artists are able to gather sufficient funds for their project, it then turns to creating new jobs. Additionally, the advancements of technology offer exceptional ways to communicate to the society. Wherever you go, you will find modern communication technologies that are not only used for the sole purpose of bridging the gap but also a means of simplifying the works of humans and businesses alike.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notification allows your app to notify your users about new messages or events even when they are not actively using the app. Push notifications can be sent to all audiences or just a particular group of users. A good example of a push notification is the badge on the mail icon that displays the number 2 when you have 2 unread messages. Additionally, a push notification message can be seen in the status bar.

Push notifications can help you increase sales as explained in this article.

Wal-Mart and Its Push Notifications

Wal-Mart is considered as one of the largest discount retailer in the world. The store is operating since 1962 and headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. The store started as a small chain store in rural areas but has grown into a large multinational corporation in the world.

From its humble roots, Wal-Mart executed innovative thinking, leadership through service, and commitment in shaping the business on what it has become today and what it will be tomorrow. Over the last decades, the company has maintained its reputation of being the world’s largest retailer while leading in the competitive U.S. retail market environment.

However, the intense competition coupled with the advancement of technology, the current level of high performance becomes very challenging. As a company who never seize to find multiple initiatives, it then took advantage of the growing mobile industry. To expand their services to their customers, Wal-Mart developed its e-commerce stores that provide convenience and easy shopping for its customers.

To stay on the cutting edge, the company made a conscious effort to make its e-commerce store effective in most devices such as desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, tablets, and other mobile devices. When it comes to online shopping, Wal-Mart has revamped their online strategy by providing customers a mobile app which allows customers to search, browse, buy, view rollbacks, locate the nearest Wal-Mart store, and send push notifications.

Downloading the app is the first step of establishing connections between the company and its customers. It is then followed by push notifications that play a vital role in maintaining brand awareness and become acquainted with the consumers’ daily lives.

Push notifications allows Wal-Mart to tap their millions of customers every day. It develops a more personal relationship with their customers based on usage insights. The company is able to deliver relevant suggestion because they have studied the data based on online and in-store purchases and their past searches.

Wal-Mart used push notifications to send consumers new products that the customers have shown interest in previously. This increases user retention rates by up to 100%.

The company also developed a geo-based push notification that lets the app to automatically send relevant pieces of information based on its current location. Customers that are situated in a nearby Wal-Mart store will be able to receive the latest deals and special offers in that specific store. Also, with the use of geo-based push notifications, the app sends alerts to remind the customer that a Wal-Mart store is nearby. This persuades customers to drop by and check out some items, eventually bringing more people to the store.

When new items arrived in the store, the company easily sends out push notifications to their customers. It usually contains the latest pictures and relevant information about that new product. Loyal customers are enticed by this strategy, thus, they will be motivated to continually engage with the brand.

To further give their loyal customers the best value of their items, the store sends out coupons for a certain product. Ways back then, coupons were hard to acquire. Customers mostly find it in the local papers and magazines, in some retail stores, or when browsing websites. However, the company can easily send coupons to their customers. Their customers are greasing the skids to increased sales.

The store’s push notification also provides in-store shopping opportunities. When you are inside a Wal-Mart store, the app then sends push notifications regarding the weekly ad, new items, rollbacks, or even send a notification welcoming the person back. This makes shopping considerably easier for consumers and makes them feel welcome and appreciated.

Push notifications can be easily customize so that customers can just receive notifications for specific brands that go on sale. This builds trust with the brand, making people choose the same store over and over again.

Over the last few years, Wal-Mart has been very interested in their e-commerce store. According to David Cheesewright, Wal-Mart International President and CEO, “Wherever we operate, everything starts with the customer, and I see customer’s shopping habits changing more rapidly than I can remember.” He added, “Customers are shopping more online, with mobile devices, and they really like convenience. If our customers changes fast, we have to change even faster if we want to continue to exceed their expectations.”

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