Alishark vs Ecomhunt

Dropshipping has been quite the business, with a global market size estimated at $111.28 billion. Thanks to this business model, savvy merchants are earning significant income from platforms like AliExpress and Amazon.

The product you choose and how you promote them can make or break your dropshipping business.

Hence, you must find the right combination of tools and ads to drive sales and profits.

So, how do you ensure that you choose, promote, and profit from the right products without wasting time on product research? Well, that’s why we’re comparing these product research tools — AliShark vs Ecomhunt — to help you find the right fit.

This article details their features, functions, prices, and what they offer you.

Let’s get to it.

What Is AliShark?

AliShark is a leading product research tool. However, this product spy tool focuses on helping merchants research products on AliExpress.

With this tool, you get in-depth information on products before adding them to your dropshipping site. Also, it gives you critical information like:

  • Other dropshippers profiting from a product
  • The countries where that product makes the most sales
  • The total number of orders that the product gets per period

What Is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a product spy tool that helps eCommerce businesses curate winning products to sell online. You have access to new winning and selling products daily.

ECommerce professionals select these products by ensuring that they are new and have hot sales on well-known eCommerce stores, as well as high social media engagements.

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Product Niches

If you have a particular niche you focus on; then this feature would help find products that fall within that niche.


With AliShark, you have access to a list of niches that are updated regularly with best-selling products. This is especially useful when you plan to sell niche products.

Also, this feature is good for beginners that don’t know what product to start with.

The niches list allows you to pick products you connect with and import them to your online store. Even more, advanced dropshippers can brainstorm and hunt for more niches with this feature.


Unfortunately, Ecomhunt does not support this feature.


Well, we already know the winner here — AliShark.

Product Trends

With dropshipping, you need to know what products people are buying and this feature provides you with that information.


With AliShark’s product trends feature, you can access the “adds to wishlist” and the sales history of products over the last two to six months.

This way, you can predict trends. You can also have an idea of when you would make money from ads and when the product would likely be out of season.

AliShark gives you details on available products and allows you to check if a product comes with a video on AliExpress.

You can also get information on the cumulative quantity of a product that has been ordered.

Plus, you have access to reviews on sales like sales history within two to six months, sales rate, and cost of production.

This product research tool sums up all the information about best-selling products. With the sales history, you can predict how much you can make when you run credible ads.

Even more, you get information on the hottest markets where you can sell products.

Additionally, AliShark gives you daily information on a product on AliExpress. This way, you can have an idea of how profitable a product can be.

Moreover, the tool updates products hourly and daily. This helps you keep track of products with great selling products and those that could become winning products.


Ecomhunt helps you find products that people are buying or likely to buy. The tool gives you access to best-selling products and ideas on selling them using Facebook marketing.

The platform gives you data on products you can use to set up Facebook ads campaigns and target a specific audience interested in the products.

Also, rather than product quantity, Ecomhunt updates products based on the market’s available product quality.

With a focus on product quality, this tool helps you reduce bad products and increase conversion rates since its top-selling products are made available to you.


Both platforms offer this feature. However, Ecomhunt takes it further by letting you create Facebook ads campaigns based on the information you get. Even more, you can target your preferred audience.

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Product Analytics

Finding best-selling products is one thing; getting stats on them is another ball game. Hence, it would help if you had analytics like the number of orders, profit margins, and so on.


With AliShark’s dashboard, you have access to the daily orders of products in real-time. This way, you can see the hourly order rate of a product on AliExpress.

Even more, these analytics tell you if a product is doing well or not, and if you should add it to your online store or go for another product.

AliShark also has matching pages’ functionality that allows you to keep track of products from other stores.

You can get information on your contenders in the market by studying the pricing layout.

With this tool, you can also save products and browse through them later. This makes it easy for you to find them whenever you need them.


Ecomhunt provides you with information on how much you would be getting from a product.

You have access to information on the profit margin of a product and the average sales price of that product. Plus, you see how much you would be buying the product from AliExpress.

The platform also provides you with profit stats. This way, you have an idea of your potential return, how much to invest in Facebook ads, and how to plan your dropshipping business.

Additionally, the product analytics feature gives you an idea of the performance of products in terms of user experience and social media engagements.

With social media, the tool provides you with information on the number of comments, likes, and shares that a product is getting. Even more, in terms of user experience, you see metrics like:

  • Number of orders
  • Votes
  • Product ratings
  • Product reviews

With Ecomhunt doing most of the work, all you need to do is choose your preferred product and promote it.


Ecomhunt wins this one because it provides you with more analytics, like social media engagements and user experience. You can also view your profit margin if you go for a product and how much it costs on AliExpress.

Advanced Filter

With an advanced filter, you can narrow down the products from your searches based on different available factors


This feature allows you to discover products using filters like:

  • Prices
  • Niches
  • Countries
  • Categories

Also, it allows you to find potential winning products, so you start selling it before it goes viral.

The advanced filter helps you stay ahead of the competition.


Ecomhunt does not have this feature.


AliShark wins since it supports this feature

AdHunter Chrome Extension

The AdHunter Chrome extension allows you to discover ads on Facebook.


AliShark does not offer this feature.


With this feature, you can find active Facebook ads by your competitors. You can then use these ads as templates for your Facebook ads.

The AdHunter Chrome Extension also shows you how long an ad has been running, its targeted location, and how much traffic it has gotten so far. More so, the chrome extension is free for members of the Ecomhunt platform.

The platform also updates products daily and provides you with data like Facebook targeting, product videos, Facebook Ads, links, engagement, analytics, profit, and so on.

Ecomhunt also provides Facebook videos, images, and ads covers that you can use to run your Facebook ads. Plus, it also provides Facebook insights for your Facebook ads campaigns, allowing you to target the right audience.


Ecomhunt is the obvious winner here. Coupled with the AdHunter Chrome Extension, the tool also provides information on Facebook ads with their best-selling products. This information includes Facebook ad targeting and interest and links to the Facebook ads for those products.

Live Stat

Live Stats allows you to know if people are buying a product so you can start selling it on your online store.


AliShark allows you to see the daily orders of products on your dashboard in real-time. This way, you have an idea of the hourly order rate of a product on AliExpress. Hence, you can keep track of the performance of products and join in on the trend.


Unfortunately, Ecomhunt does not offer this feature.


AliShark wins here because it offers live stats. You get hourly updates on the orders of a product.

Tutorials and Webinars

Webinars and tutorials are great for beginners. It tells them how to use the platform effectively. Even professionals need it sometimes.


AliShark does not provide webinars and tutorials.


This is one of the features that make Ecomhunt a bit different from AliShark. The platform provides tutorials and webinars that put you through the entire process of using the platform.


Ecomhunt offers this feature, so it wins here.

Affiliate Programs

With an affiliate program, you can earn extra cash from your eCommerce website.


AliShark does not offer any affiliate program.


Ecomhunt provides you with a custom affiliate link when you sign up on the platform. You can share this link and start earning affiliate commissions. Plus, you have access to live progress monitoring and custom affiliate resources.


Ecomhunt wins here since it offers an affiliate program.

Supplier Links

Asides information on winning products, you also need links to their suppliers. That’s what this feature provides you.


Unfortunately, AliShark does not support this feature. The platform’s major focus is AliExpress.


With Ecomhunt, you get links to the actual suppliers of products. From there, you can import the product directly to your Shopify store or using WordPress’ Alidropship Plugin.

Interestingly, Ecomhunt allows you to access links to stores selling winning products. With these links, you can access other best-selling or trending products and add them to your online store.

This tool also gives you access to winning products and allows you to virtually sell products on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify, and so on.


Ecomhunt wins this one. They provide you with links to suppliers, which helps you discover more products to add to your online store.

Customer Service & Support

How you contact a platform’s customer service when you come across an issue or need clarification is important.


AliShark provides customer support only via email.


Ecomhunt’s customer service can be contacted via live chat on their platform or via email.


Ecomhunt wins here since it provides support via email and live chat. Even more, the platform has a help center that provides you with useful self-service resources.


Both platforms come with their own pricing plans. Let’s take a look at these plans.

AliShark Pricing 

AliShark offers a 2-day trial priced at $1. This allows you to try out the features of the tool and see if it fits your requirements or not.

The tool also has a monthly subscription plan that goes for $20. However, there is currently no yearly subscription option.

Please visit their website for the latest information on pricing as this might change without notice.

Ecomhunt Pricing 

Ecomhunt offers two membership plans; the free plan and the pro plan.

With the free plan, you have limited access to the platform’s features. You can only access two products daily with limited insights. Plus, you also have a limited number of product updates daily.

To access all the platform features, you need to upgrade to the pro plan, which costs $29 per month.

Please visit their website for the latest information on pricing as this might change without notice.


Ecomhunt wins this one with its free plan. Though it comes with its limitations, the free plan still counts for something.

AliShark And Ecomhunt Similarities 

Though AliShark and Ecomhunt come with their unique features, they are also similar in some ways.

At this point, you already know that both platforms are product research tools. They both provide you with product trends that give you an idea of winning products on the market.

You can also use the information from both platforms to predict trends.

At the same time, with these product research tools, you have analytics that points to a product’s performance. This allows you to decide whether to add a product to your online store or not.

AliShark vs Ecomhunt Differences 

From the features mentioned earlier, there are some features offered by AliShark that are not available in Ecomhunt. Let’s take a look at some of these features that set them apart.


Let’s go through the individual benefits of these product research tools.


  • It offers an inexpensive $1 trial
  • The tool’s website comes with a useful review of its user interface
  • There is a wide array of products to choose from
  • You have access to in-depth product data
  • It offers you an advanced filter feature which saves you time
  • Affordable monthly pricing plan


  • The tool provides you with Facebook targeting and insight into competitor’s Facebook marketing strategies
  • You have access to best-selling products before they go viral
  • Ecomhunt offers a Facebook AdHunter chrome extension for spying on competitor’s Facebook ads


Every platform comes with its downsides, and these product tools are not left out.


  • Customer support can only be contacted via email
  • The tool does not allow you to track competitor’s Facebook ads
  • There are no tutorials or self-help resources


  • The free membership is limited
  • Updates on daily products are limited
  • The audience targeting tool can be somewhat inaccurate

Final Thoughts: Ecomhunt vs AliShark

There you have it — a deep analysis of two of the leading product research tools. I bet this Ecomhunt vs AliShark comparison has been enlightening.

AliShark and Ecomhunt provide you with insights on winning products that you can add to your store. Plus, you have access to analytics to make informed decisions.

Both tools have their unique features, but we’ll pick Ecomhunt as the winner for this round. It provides you with information on the performance of products and gives you insight into your competitor’s Facebook marketing strategies. 

Plus, the tool offers a free membership plan that lets you try out its features before upgrading to a pro plan.

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