Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch [Review]

It’s every marketer’s dream to sit back on their couch while revenue pours into their bank account.

It happens with online businesses.

One area where some online entrepreneurs are making big money is selling on Amazon, but just like every successful business, it doesn’t come easy.

The first key to succeeding as an Amazon seller is to evaluate the market, and what comes to mind is – product research software.

Granted, many people cringe at the thought of letting a tool analyze the market for them, but a lot more have used a combination of research tools and strategies to succeed in the market.

However you feel about it, project research tools are one of the best things to happen to Amazon FBA.

Yes, using a product research tool more than doubles your chances of making huge money as an Amazon seller, but you must be careful about which tool you use.

This post will compare two of the best Amazon product research tools – Jungle Scout vs Viral launch.

We will also tell you which tool to go with, Jungle Scout or Viral Launch.

So let’s get started.

Jungle Scout

Let’s begin with Jungle Scout review to begin with.

Jungle Scout lets you quickly and easily find profitable products on Amazon.

Anyone selling on Amazon can use JungleScout, but it is especially recommended to people who are looking to import products, add private labels, and resell them through their Fulfillment by Amazon program.

This is not just a ‘praise-filled’ review.

We will talk about two problems you might encounter with JungleScout that you need to know about before you buy it.

That being said, I consider JungleScout a great product for two reasons:

1. It makes you tons of money because it helps you find profitable products.

2. It will save you money because it will stop you from losing money on products that will not be good to sell on Amazon.

But while it’s great, you may be wondering about the different pricing plans and subscription JungleScout has.

The truth is, you may not need to buy the most expensive plan.

In fact, chances are you will be just fine with their least expensive plan.

So in this review, we will look extensively into the different tools that JungleScout offers, and the different features that the pricing plan has so that you can pick the right pricing plan for the stage that you are at in your business.

That way you don’t end up buying something that you don’t need.

It is important to note that JungleScout has two tools:

Their web app and its Chrome browser extension.

Both of these tools are crucial to have if you want to locate the best products to import, private label, and then sell using the Amazon FBA program.

The first step is to use the web app to identify products that have potential.

Then, use the Chrome browser extension for the products that you found with the web app, and pick the best product from there.

Let’s first talk about the Chrome browser extension, because that’s probably the tool that most people are interested in when they are reading this review.

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Jungle Scout Chrome Browser Extension

Obviously, the Chrome browser extension can only work with a Chrome browser, so you have to make sure you have it before purchasing JungleScout.

You can go to Amazon’s website and load up the category of the type of item you are thinking of analyzing, or you can simply do a search for it.

Allow Amazon to load up the competitors that you want to analyze, then go up to your chrome browser extension button and click on it.

What will happen is that JungleScout will load up a bunch of very important data about the different listings.

One awesome thing about this extension is that you do not have to go into each listing, one after another, before you can see more details about it.

At one glance, you get information about the price, rank, brand, etc.

So as you can see, the JungleScout Chrome browser app is an extremely valuable tool that lets you analyze a product niche and quickly identify, at a glance, if it has a high potential for profit with low competition from other sellers.

Now to the web app and its features.

Jungle Scout Web App

To get started with the JungleScout web application, login to your JungleScout account.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

The first page that you will see is your product tracker.

The product tracker is included in all levels of JungleScout web app depending on how big of a subscription you have or how many products you can track.

Ideally, you can see the average price for the item you are tracking, the average rank it has, the average number of units sold per day, and thus the average daily revenue.

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You can find out deeper information about an item, like the daily data trend in sales for the particular item.

You can even go a step further to see the data trend for a number of days, that way, it lets you see if an item has just spiked over the last couple of days so that you don’t invest in a product that doesn’t have consistency.

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The additional product details hold some other valuable information, such as the weight for errors and the average ratings.

You will have to go into Amazon to check out that data.

The product tracker is a really nifty feature of JungleScout.

Jungle Scout Product Database

The product database is where you are going to be spending most of your time within the web app, and this is how you are going to find products that have potential that you will then analyze deeper using the JungleScout Chrome plugin extension.

This feature works exactly the same, whether you have a startup, standard, or business subscription.

To get started, select the category you want.

The next thing you want to do is to select the price.

To get the best result, look for products that cost around $20 to $40 on Amazon.

This is because products that are priced more than $40 seem to be quite big items or else they tend to be items that are expensive to manufacture.

If you are just getting started, you probably want to have a low startup cost.

Next is the estimated sales tab.

You will want to make sure to search for a product with a minimum of 300 sales when you are looking for potentials that indicate that a product is selling really well.

If it has sold over 300 units a day, that’s a lot of potential revenue.

From the reviews, you will want to set a maximum of 50 reviews, because if you can find an item that is making 300 sales a day, but has less than 50 reviews, it indicates that the competition for that item is really low, but the demand is really high, which makes it a perfect item to sell.

It is also very crucial that you pick an item that doesn’t weigh very much, so a maximum of 2 pounds is recommended.

When you ask JungleScout to filter the database, it will load up all of the different products on Amazon that meet your criteria, and this just saves you so much time.

Any product that meets these criteria has a strong potential for being a great item for relabeling and resale.

Finding items like these will normally take you days and weeks on Amazon.

So even if you were using the JungleScout

Chrome extension, it is an absolute must for any FBA private seller.

At the beginning of this article, I promised to talk about two glitches that the JungleScout web app has that you need to know about before you buy.

The first glitch is pretty easy to avoid.

Remember in the product database, you can set JungleScout to only show items that have 50 reviews or less?
Well, it normally does this very well, but sometimes it may show you an item with zero reviews, but have a star rating, which makes no sense.

If an item has no reviews, it shouldn’t have a star-rating.

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If you open the item on Amazon, you will find out that JungleScout has glitched and added an item that has more than 50 reviews, and that’s why it says zero.

The solution is simple:

Take note that it is a glitch and ignore it.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

The Niche Hunter feature is only included in the standard and the business subscriptions of the web app.

It is one of the major selling points that separates the standard and the business subscriptions of the web app from the cheaper startup version.

It contains various useful filters.

First is the average demand, which represents how many sales you can expect to get on a monthly basis.

You will probably want at least 300, because any lower will mean that the product may not be selling very well.

The next filter is the average price, which is pretty straightforward.

Then, there is the opportunity score, which is a combination of the demand, competition, and listing quality all put into one to make it as easy as possible for you to find good products.

Using the competition filter, you can find products that have low competition so that you are not competing with lots of other sellers to sell that item.

Having high competition can make it hard for your product listing to stand out.

There is also the listing quality score filter that helps you better convert visits into sales.

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It takes into account your titles, photos, bullet points, keywords, and description.

This is a filter where you want the score to be lower, that means that products that already exist have a low-quality listing score which gives you the opportunity to improve upon that score.

Now to the second glitch.

The point of the Niche Hunter is to analyze overall niches rather than individual, specific items and listings.

The problem is that it doesn’t pull data reliably all the time.

For example, let’s assume you have selected a category, and inserted the necessary filters; it will give you your result alright.

The problem though is that, if you open it further to get more results, it often shows that the top result has the appropriate amount of reviews, but subsequent products have zero reviews.

If you check these products out on Amazon, you will find that they do not have zero reviews.

On the contrary, they even exceed 50, making it over-competitive.

The Niche Hunter feature is not available with the cheaper startup feature, but I don’t find it a great loss at all.

Supplier Database

The Supplier Database is one of Jungle Scout’s premier features among Amazon selling tools.

You can use it to find legit global suppliers and high-quality manufacturers confirmed worldwide, and used by the world’s best brands.

Jungle Scout Launch

Jungle Scout offers Launch, a set of features that help you launch and promote your Amazon products right within the platform, in turn driving sales through targeted outreach and promos.

Opportunity Finder

If you’re looking for profitable product niches, Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder tool helps you easily discover profitable niches with low-competition and high-demand keywords, so you can get products and sell them fast.

Plus, it helps you find emerging trends you can build your business around.

Keyword Scout

Using the right keywords helps get your product noticed.

This new feature by Jungle Scout lets you generate thousands of keywords instantly rank highly, and also convert pretty well on Amazon.

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The Keyword Scout tool is comprehensive and accurate so you can use it for Amazon keyword research to find keyword search volume, high-quality keywords, and recommended PPC bids easily.

Keyword Rank Tracker

This tool allows you to track organic search ranks for any product over time, for selected keywords.

Among the new features include being able to see your historical search rank, understand your listing optimization or launch performance, and import saved keyword lists from Keyword Scout.

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is useful when you want to automate your inventory planning and accurately predict the stock you need, and when to order it.

It takes a data-driven approach so you can calculate your inventory needs, while viewing its status in real time.

Sales Analytics

The Sales Analytics tool acts like your own financial command center where you get to see your profits, track fees, and understand your business’ financial health.

It helps you do this by organizing and tracking sales data in real time so you can instantly see the profit-building and cost-saving strategies that’ll help you earn more revenues as an Amazon seller.


If you want to track the products you’re selling for any reviews, changes in pricing and more, Alerts is a new feature Jungle Scout has introduced for this purpose.

It keeps you informed on critical product changes so you can act fast, whether you want to find products to sell, or you just want to make sure your listings are optimized to stay ahead of the pack.


Finally, the Jungle Scout Academy is here.

You can now learn everything you need to know how to sell like a pro Amazon FBA seller, with tips from real sellers in snackable tutorials.

The Academy provides a collection of educational resources and videos to help you find your first product or keep selling volumes, with lessons from its founder and CEO Greg Mercer, a seven-figure Amazon seller and Seller Awards for Best Amazon Expert winner.

Included are weekly live Q&A sessions hosted by experts who answer your toughest questions, which you can join and get valuable information as a new seller.

You can also hone your skills by participating in community forums or monthly livestream trainings.

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Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout pricing is fairly simple. It offers three plans in Basic, Suite and Pro that are priced at $39, $69 and $129/month respectively. Chrome extension is now a feature and not specific to any particular plan.

Jungle Scout can be tried for 14 days with complete money back promise. Annual payments save you substantial amount.

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Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout: Viral Launch

We will now discuss Viral Launch in this Jungle Scout Viral Launch contest.

Viral Launch is a product research software alright, but on top of the platform, it has sub-tools that can help your FBA business tremendously.

For example, Viral Launch has its own launching service that takes care of your giveaways, if you decide to do them.

They also have a keyword research tool, listing optimizer, product photography, and much more.

You will not be wrong to call Viral Launch JungleScout’s pro extension, JungleScout product database, and Merchant Words, all in one.

So you can have a one-stop shop for everything product research tool related.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Viral Launch Product Discovery

If you look at the product discovery from Viral Launch, they provide product searches, just like JungleScout.

You can put the maximum and minimum monthly sales, revenue, price and review count, and all the categories as well.

But you can also set filters, such as initial investment costs, initial net profit, the average profit margin, the total net profit, and all that kind of stuff.

They also give you a sales change. For example, they may tell you that the iPhone XS charger price has gone up by 2% and sales have gone up by 110%.

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Viral Launch Market Intelligence

This is incredibly valuable for sellers who are looking for in-depth data about a market.

This tool processes a ton of real-time and historical data to generate statistical correlations and define sales trends.

The feature uses a complex algorithm that has been set to cut out underwhelming products and source only money-making ones.

In the process, it helps you estimate Amazon sales and validate or invalidate your net product idea using its product idea score.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

For example, if the system gives your product a 5-star rating, it means that the product will perform very well in the market.

Lower ratings mean that the product will not perform as well, so aside from helping you make informed decisions, this feature also saves you from wasting good money on bad products.

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Of course, you will want to do this search on the Amazon website, so you can download the Chrome extension and use it directly from Amazon itself, rather than do it on your dashboard.

Viral Launch Keyword Research

The Viral Launch keyword research tool looks very similar to the Product Discovery, where you can actually search for a keyword or product.

The very nice thing about the Viral Launch research tool is that you can select different markets.

A lot of similarities are drawn between Merchant Words and Viral Launch, but here’s a little difference:

Merchant Word uses Google and Amazon to find its keywords, whereas Viral Launch only uses Amazon’s history of convergence and doesn’t only look to find those keywords from the top sellers.

Viral Launch has a similar system where sellers use the reverse ASIN method to find top competitors that are selling the same products that they are, only the Viral Launch approach is more enhanced.

With this tool, you can enter your keyword for a product and get a massive list of their top performing and underperforming keywords.

It also gives you the ability to analyze and track indexation, keyword rank, sponsored ads, sales, price, reviews, search volumes, notifications, and so on.

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Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch offers five pricing tiers.

MI extension plan is priced at $25/month. The Beginner’s Research Kit plan costs $59/month, the Pro Seller runs $99/month, and the Brand Builder costs $149/month. Finally, they have the kinetic plan for established sellers at $199/month.

Annual payment plans are a little cheap. You can also try the tool for 14 days before buying. It’s free.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Final Words – Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

So we come to the end of our Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout review.

JungleScout and Viral Launch are two amazing tools by their own rights.

One is not necessarily better than the other, they are just better at different things.

Viral Launch slightly wins this one though, because its Chrome extension and web app give you a little bit more sales data, and it is more advanced.

It has a lot more filters that you can use, which makes it basically a beefed up version of the JungleScout web app.

But, with all that said, it will make sense to use both options.

That way you can check against them, and since both are amazing, it gives you another layer of confidence in your FBA business.

Author: Efose IkhaloEfose says he is a polymath, which reflects in his work. He excels at inbound marketing, tech, and business. He has a rich experience of working with renowned digital marketing agencies in the past. Often writes for top blogs.