Merchant Words vs Jungle Scout

Amazon remains a thriving marketplace for sellers. Every year, businesses sell more than 100 million products and generate millions of dollars.

Third-party sellers lead the pack with 53 percent sales of paid units. Fulfillment by Amazon sellers is not left out. They are among the top sellers 0n the Amazon marketplace. Out of the leading 10,000 Amazon sellers, 66 percent use FBA.

For every FBA seller, the goal is to drive sales and maximize profit. Due to the complex nature of the sales process, selling requires a significant amount of effort. You will have to deal with storage, shipping, and other fulfillment costs

But how have Amazon sellers managed to derive a substantial return on investment? Investing in Amazon seller tools will help achieve this feat. More so, you can wow your customers, make more sales and edge competition.

We will compare two Amazon seller tools that will help you stand out.

Background And Overview

Merchant Words

Merchant Words is an Amazon seller and research tool that helps you grow your business. With this tool, you can find product opportunities and create profitable marketing campaigns. More so, you can also boost your traffic and increase your sales and profit.

George Lawrence, the CEO and founder of Merchant Words, started the company in 2012. Merchant Words analyzes over six years of Amazon keyword data and supports 11 Amazon marketplaces.

Also, they have collected 1.6 billion keywords, analyzed 400 million products, and supported the growth of over 100,000 businesses.

Merchant Words has an integrated suite of Amazon data tools. They include:

  • Search trend database
  • Keyword collections tool
  • Keywords research and ranking tool
  • Listing advisor and optimization
  • Data analytics

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive tool built for Amazon sellers. The Jungle Scout tool helps you build a profitable Amazon business.

Whether you are a new Amazon seller or you are growing your existing business, Jungle Scout has got you covered. Their customer support is available to guide you through every step towards success.

Also, you can access their knowledge base to learn the art of building a profitable business. Jungle Scout also has enterprise solutions for brands, retailers, agencies, and analysts.

Jungle Scout puts Amazon’s entire catalog at your fingertips. More so, to determine the best product to sell, you can filter products across multiple categories based on parameters such as

  1. Product demand
  2. Price and estimated sales
  3. Ratings
  4. Seasonality
  5. Dimensions

Since it was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer, Jungle Scout has supported over 200,000 businesses. Also, they have tracked over 175 billion products and launched more than 200,000 products globally.

Jungle Scout has incredible features such as:

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Sales Analytics
  • Inventory Manager

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Ease Of Use

Merchant Words

Merchant Words is simple to use. The keyword search tool provides instant results and ranking to help you make product decisions.

Jungle Scout

Learning to use an FBA tool can be tasking, but Jungle Scout demystifies the process of building a successful Amazon business. Within a few minutes of signing up on Jungle Scout, you can discover and sell great products.


A comprehensive user review of both tools reveals that Jungle Scout has higher ease of use. On average, Merchant Words has a user rating of four out of five, while Jungle Scout has a higher user rating of five out of five.

Product Database

Merchant Words

Merchant Words does not have a product database. However, it has a keyword collection tool that allows you to conduct product research. When you enter a product keyword, the collection tool will provide

  • Search volume data for that keyword
  • Dominant category for that product
  • Product seasonalities
  • Depth

With this information, you can determine the products with the most searches.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has a rich database of over 70 million products from the Amazon catalog. With this feature, you can discover products with high-profit potential.

You can filter products by product category, revenue, sales, and sales rank. After creating your filters, you can save multiple filters presets.

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Furthermore, you can discover more information about a particular product including

  • Sales volume
  • Product pricing
  • Ratings and reviews

From the database, you can track selected products by synchronizing with the product tracker tool.

What makes this feature stand out is that you can calculate upfront fees, including overhead using the in-app FB profit calculator. When you are searching for a product, you can factor these fees into your research to determine potential profits.

If you want to analyze your data further, you can export your search results to a spreadsheet.


Jungle Scout is the winner. When compared to Merchant Words, Jungle Scout provides a more comprehensive database pulled straight from the Amazon catalog. Also, you can search global Amazon marketplaces to find winning products and access detailed information on them.

Right from the database, you can factor in the product price, cost, referral, and total FBA fees. This information will further help you make the best decision.

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Product Performance Tracking

Merchant Words

With Merchant Words, you can conveniently track how well a product has performed. By inputting specific keywords, you will see the product listings for that keyword.

The products are displayed according to their organic position. And you will find data on the product price, product reviews, and star ratings.

Furthermore, you will see products that have an Amazon choice badge. You can click on the reviews and obtain insights on potential improvements you can make on your product.

With this feature, you can find profitable products to sell. Plus, you can track your competitor’s products, ratings, and reviews.

This feature is available for the UK and US marketplace only

You can also use the ASIN plus lookup tool to track the performance of any product. When you type the ASIN, you will access data on

  • Average price
  • Number of search terms showing that ASIN
  • Star rating for that product
  • The total number of reviews

Jungle Scout

This feature lets you monitor high-performance Amazon products with precision. For a product, you can access data on daily stock, sales, price, and best seller rank.

With this information, you can measure and compare the performance of different products.

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By simply entering the product ASIN, you will access data on

  • Product information
  • Amazon marketplace where the product is featured
  • Average price
  • Daily units sold
  • Average revenue
  • Average daily rank
  • FBA and other related fees
  • Review count
  • Weight and size

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The best thing about this feature is that you can track product performance in real-time. This feature will help you make timely business decisions.


Again Jungle Scout wins in this category.

Jungle Scout offers more detailed data, including upfront fees. Users can search and track products or ASIN for all Amazon marketplaces.

Merchant Words limits users to the US and UK marketplaces.

Jungle Scout features a list of recommended products to help you make the best choice. Plus, the metric dashboard provides an overview of a product niche.

Analyzing your margins and sales frequency can help improve your launch and sales strategy.

Supplier Database

Merchant Words

Merchant Words does not have a supplier database feature. If this feature is critical to your business, you may need to use Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout

With this feature, you can source for credible manufacturers and suppliers globally.

Furthermore, you can validate suppliers by viewing their buyer volumes and confirmed shipments. Users can locate suppliers for specific product niches. They can also discover factories that can supply lower order quantities.

You don’t need to scroll through the entire database to find suppliers. With an Amazon ASIN, you can find the exact supplier of any product.

More so, users can generate purchase orders and compare quotes between two suppliers.


The supplier database feature is a novel feature among Amazon selling tools. And it is one of Jungle Scout’s unique selling points.

Jungle Scout edges Merchant Words with this feature. If you have a product idea, you can access reliable producers to bring your idea into existence.

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Product Opportunity Discovery

Merchant Words

With Merchant Words, you can identify profitable product opportunities. By inputting a keyword, phrase, or ASIN lookup, you will obtain insight on customer search terms.

For example, If you search for a word, phrase, or ASIN related to a product, you will find data on

  • Popular Amazon search terms related to that product
  • Amazon search term rank 
  • Search volume for related keywords

The search volume data will provide insight into the demand for that product niche.

Users can also access data on the total number of products available for sale when customers search for specific keywords. This data lets you assess the competitiveness of that product.

Jungle Scout

This feature lets you scout for profitable product niches. The opportunity finder will provide focused data on search volume for products and related keywords.

You can also access average monthly price data and average units sold for that product.

Also, you can assess niche performance over time using graphs and charts. Users can access historical data on average units sold per day, price, and search volume.

With the Niche score tool, you can make data-driven decisions on the best product niche.


Jungle Scout wins for this feature. Jungle Scout opportunity makes it easy to find niches with low competition and high demand keywords. The software provides historical data, a niche score, and the opportunity finder tool.

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Keyword Research

Merchant Words

The Merchant Words keyword tool provides keyword data for organic and PPC campaigns. You can search for keywords with high search volume in any Amazon marketplace.

Also, the keyword multiplier tool generates valuable keyword suggestions for specific terms.

You can add valuable keywords to your product listings to boost traffic and increase sales.

Jungle Scout

With this feature, you can find high conversion keywords, search volumes for keywords, and PPC bids. Merchants can search to know the ranking for specific keywords. They can see real-time PPC costs and impressions for keywords.

This feature lets you see the performance of specific keywords over a period. Users can obtain intelligence about competitor listings, ad ranks, relevancy scores, and PPC costs.

With this data, users can create winning product listings that will drive traffic and boost sales.


Merchant Words and Jungle Scout stand toe to toe with each other on this feature. Both tools provide keyword research features that will help customers locate your product.

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Product Listing Builder

Merchant Words

Merchant Words offers an SEO building and optimization service. Whether you have a new or existing business, this tool will help you create SEO friendly listings

The listing advisor enables you to create product listings that will attract the right customers. Just connect the team of Amazon SEO experts to the product listings you want to optimize.

Experts will learn about your product and conduct market research about your business. After that, they will write the titles and descriptions using the right keywords.

Also, they place keywords to improve your product ranking for organic search results. This feature helps you convert window shoppers to buyers and thus increase revenue.

Jungle Scout

Creating an optimized listing is one of the critical success factors of an Amazon FBA seller. Jungle Scout helps you stay ahead of the competition with the listing optimization service.

You can access this service at the Jungle Scout freelancer marketplace. Here, you will meet experts that will create and optimize your product listings. They will help you write, proofread, edit, and translate your listings.

Experts can help translate your listings from a foreign language into the native language.

With this service, you can

  • Improve your listing performance
  • Increase revenue from your products
  • Grow your Amazon business


Jungle Scout wins here because it also offers listing monitoring. With this feature, merchants can track changes in their listings. Also, they can get alerts when there are listing changes and problems including

  • Listing availability
  • New negative reviews 
  • Low inventory

Secondly, the marketplace offers merchants the opportunity to choose from multiple Amazon listing builders. You can choose the experts based on the price, service, and ratings.

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Product Launch

Merchant Words

You can combine other features of Merchant Words to prepare for and launch your Amazon products. However, Merchant Words does not help with the product launch itself.

Jungle Scout

This feature helps you launch and promote your products. Right from the tool, merchants can leverage the marketplace to launch and sell their products.

You can send personalized emails and encourage customers to provide product reviews. Merchants can send automated email campaigns targeted at customers that have complaints.

Effective communication can help to improve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can further increase repeat sales and increased revenue.

While the email feature supports eight marketplaces, promotions are available for the US and UK marketplaces only.


Jungle Scout is the winner. Effective product launches are among the first steps towards selling a winning product.

This feature helps you handle the complex product launch process. More so, it puts your Amazon business in a winning position.

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Inventory Management

Merchant Words

Merchant Words does not offer an inventory data and management service.

Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout inventory manager is the real deal. It helps you forecast your stock needs and reorder period.

With this feature, you can view your inventory status in real-time. Plus, you can evaluate how much stock you should order and when you need to reorder.

This tool helps you reduce storage costs and prevent stockouts.


Jungle Scout is the winner here. The Jungle Scout inventory manager is an intuitive tool.

For each product, it provides data on inventory level and marks the status as

  • Reorder Now
  • Reorder Soon
  • Overstock
  • In stock
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It also calculates the date, required order quantity, estimated costs, and profits, including upfront fees. You can analyze important parameters including

  • Revenue and profit
  • Cost
  • Average daily sales
  • Average profit per unit

Finance Management

Merchant Words

Merchant Word does not provide financial management solutions.

Jungle Scout

The sales analytics tool helps you manage your Amazon finances.

With this feature, you can monitor your Amazon sales and obtain data in real-time. Also, the profit and loss statement will provide an overview of your business performance.

Merchants can view essential metrics including,

  • Taxes and hidden fees
  • Costs of goods sold
  • Operating expenses based on periods

Furthermore, you can access data on PPC spending, the revenue derived from the campaign, units sold, profit margin, and the return on investment.

You can analyze performance at the product level. By inputting the product name, ASIN, or SKU, you can explore sales and revenue data supplier and shipping costs, PPC campaign and performance, etc.


Jungle Scout leads the line with this feature. The sales analytics tool is a plus for Amazon FBA merchants. It provides data on the financial health of your business so that you can make smart financial decisions.

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Chrome Extension

Merchant Words

As at the time of this writing, the Merchant Words was at its beta testing phase. New or existing subscribers can submit their email address to be a part of the testing phase.

Jungle Scout

With seamless integration and a simple click, the browser extension lets you access features such as

  • Product and supplier database
  • Product tracker
  • Keyword finder
  • Opportunity discovery 


Jungle Scout wins for this feature because the Merchant Words Chrome extension is still in the beta phase. Jungle Extension lets you research winning products with the click of a button. Yes, it is that simple.

Help and Support

Merchant Words

Merchant Words has a 24/7 live chat and support feature right on their site. They also provide a detailed list of FAQs to help you harness the tool.

Jungle Scout

The help page spotlights articles that can help you learn more about the features.

To contact support, you need to send an email to the support team. Also, you can create a ticket by filling out a contact form.


Merchant Words has a better support feature. You will get an instant response to your messages via chat.

Customers prefer to get immediate responses as opposed to waiting for answers.


Merchant Words

Merchants and users love Merchant Words, and here is why:

  • The software is simple and easy to use
  • Keyword research data is comprehensive
  • Customer support is excellent, and the response is instant.

Jungle Scout

  • The app is easy to set up
  • The supplier data is the first of its kind and offers great insights
  • Amazon product database is robust, and you can obtain extensive product data
  • You will find comprehensive product ideas from Niche Hunter
  • The features support a wide range of marketplaces


Merchant Words

  • The software is expensive when compared to similar tools
  • Product features are limited
  • Some of the features are limited to few Amazon marketplaces
  • Merchant Words does not offer a free trial

Jungle Scout

  • Jungle Scout does not provide a free trial
  • Response from customer support may be delayed

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Merchant Words

Merchant Words has pricing plans to cater for every growth stage.

They include:

  1. Silver – starts from $29 per month
  2. Gold – starts at $79 per month
  3. Platinum – starts at $149 per month

When you pay annually, you get two months free. Merchant Words offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout has a scalable pricing plan.

  1. Basic plan starts at $39 per month
  2. Suite plan starts at $69 per month
  3. Pro plan is for $129 per month. Apt for long time sellers.

Jungle Scout chrome extension is now a feature in all plans. You can save upto 55 percent when you pay annually. Though there is no free trial but you can use it for 14 days with an assurance of full refund.


Again Jungle Scout is the winner. Merchants can access more useful features for a lower price.

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Overall Verdict: Merchant Words vs Jungle Scout

Merchant Words and Jungle Scout are both incredible Amazon seller tools. They have generated positive user reviews and enjoyed features from reputable media companies.

But Jungle Scout stands out as a complete tool, and industry-leading software.  From finance and inventory management, to product launches, to the supplier database, Jungle Scout offers more value to merchants and businesses.

Jungle Scout helps you to discover profitable products from your browser extension. And the icing on the cake is that Jungle Scout offers extra features at a lower price point.

If you are looking for a complete tool to build and grow your Amazon business, Jungle Scout is a better option.

Author: Scott MacarthurScott L. Macarthur is a marketing consultant and an online author. He is mostly engaged in providing his expertise to startups and SMBs. He is also an author on TheNextWeb.