Magento vs Shopify [Infographics]

Editor’s note: Even though it’s a tough comparison, we went ahead talking about what each of the two e-commerce platforms offers, Shopify & Magento. What’s included here is a beautiful infographic for those who prefer visuals over text. And if you think you like to get started with one, connect with EbizON. Not only do they offer excellent Magento development services but are known for quality Shopify development services.

Apart from selling on online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, you can also choose your own ecommerce platform.

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Mofluid 2.0 : The Complete Magento Mobile App Solution

Editor’s note: Mobile commerce is the future! While conventional shoppers will continue to shop on websites, Generation Z believes in doing everything on mobile, let alone shopping. It’s important therefore to have your store on mobile. Mofluid, the easiest mobile application solution for Magento stores can help you with this. If you want to know more about it and other aspects of magento application development, connect with EbizON, one of the best best Magento 2 development teams around.

In 2011, Mofluid started with a simple idea to enable the ecommerce business to go mobile. The idea was to show that one can make a compelling mobile app with little effort and time.

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How To Double Up Your Mobile Sales Before Christmas? [Magento PWA Case Study]

Editor’s note: Progressive web apps are a great way to test waters before opting for a full-fledged mobile app. Not only are they easy to use and cost efficient, but are nearly as effective as traditional mobile apps. Check out this post to know how you can multiply your sales ahead of the festive season using a PWA. Another great idea is to hire professional Magento ecommerce website development services. They will help you launch a PWA quicker, making you ready in time.

So we have all heard that now more traffic comes to any website through mobile devices. Here are some statistics to add perspective

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11 Best Abandoned Cart Email Templates For Magento

Editor’s note: When it comes to dealing with cart abandonment, a well-drafted and well-timed email can do the trick. The most effective cart reminder emails ensure they have a great subject line, are visually engaging, include offers, and more importantly, are sent at the right time. Take a look at this post to know what I’m talking about. Alternatively, you can take the services of a good Magento web development company like EbizON to understand what goes in the making and running of a successful Magento store.

A common occurrence you are bound to run into when running a Magento store is visitors adding items to their shopping carts only to leave your site without making any purchases.

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14 Best Magento Cart Abandonment Extensions

Editor’s note: Cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges faced by online stores. Thankfully, we have numerous cart abandonment extensions today that help bring back a good chunk of customers to complete the purchase. That being said, not everything can be left to these extensions. To minimize cart abandonment rate, it’s vital to have a well designed checkout page, easy navigation, multiple payment methods, and several other things. Only a team of experts that specializes in Magento custom development services can help you find a permanent solution.

One of the major challenges in ecommerce business is cart abandonment: when customers leave your site without placing an order.

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6 Best Magento Hosting Providers

Editor’s note: With so many website hosting providers in the market, it’s not easy to find the best for your Magento store. Out here, Martin evaluates the best hosting services to help you make the right decision. He also talks about the kind of hosting required for Magento stores. A simpler way to go about it is to connect with EbizON, the company that offers top class magento development services. The benefit of getting in touch with a Magento development company is that you get guidance straight from the domain experts, something that can not be discounted.

You can’t run a Magento site without a good hosting. And deciding which hosting provider to use and what plan can seriously affect your business.

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