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10 Best Drop Shipping Companies



Finding and picking the right drop shipping company for your eCommerce business might be difficult.

You need to look and consider among many factors such as features, product catalogue, pricing, shipping options, support, etc.

To make things easier for you we created a list with the 10 best drop shipping companies out there.

And we listed the pros and cons of using each one of them.

10 Best Dropshipping Companies

1. Salehoo – #1 DropShipping Company

Pros: One of the biggest pros of Salehoo is their huge wholesale directory. They have 8,000+ companies in their network that give you access to over 1.6 million products.

This means you can find everything you need, no matter what you sell.

Browsing through the platform and finding products is also extremely easy. Just type whatever item you want to sell and the Salehoo pulls out all relevant suppliers.

Salehoo is my #1 recommendation if you are serious about growing your dropshipping business. If these 2 sisters can grow their drop shipping business to $50k+ per year in a year with Salehoo, then you too definitely can.

The good thing is all suppliers has been verified so you don’t have to worry if they are legitimate (Source: Salehoo review).

The customer support is also top class. They will be even ready to make a list of the suppliers to try for a specific product you want to sell.

Salehoo also has amazing educational resource to help you grow your business. You can use the Market research lab to find which types of products are more likely to bring you higher profits.

Additionaly, you can interact with other members in a community forum and learn from each other.

The pricing is also low – just $67/year which is makes it one of the most affordable drop shipping solution providers.


Cons: Unfortunately, there is no free trial. You will need to pay for Salehoo to use it.

The good thing is there is 60-day money back guarantee. So you can still get a refund if you’re not happy with Salehoo.

Another disadvantage is that it might take you some browsing until you find all the best things Salehoo can offer. If you’re not careful, you might miss a lot of things.

Last but not least, the information and training that Salehoo provides might overwhelm you. The good thing is that you can use the support team to help you when something is not clear.

Get Started at $67/year at

2. AliDropship – WordPress Solution for AliExpress Dropshipping Business

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that converts the WordPress installation into an online dropship store using AliExpress. It is a great dropshipping tool that helps new entrepreneurs to start an online business.
You can browse through the products listed on AliExpress and import products directly into your store.

Pros/ Features

  • Installation process include auto updation of product information, auto updation of fulfilled orders, and also automated tracking of goods
  • Search and import of products on Aliexpress is simple and quick. There are different integrated filters to help find the desired products. One such filter is Epacket, which is most affordable and fast.
  • Auto Updating ensures that no out of stock item is available for sale. The plugin’s auto-updating system automatically keeps a track of stocks in hand, price changes and other change in data or information from Aliexpress.
  • Pricing Automation allows you to use the price markup formula so that there is no need to edit the price manually on system.
  • There is no limit on the number of products that Alidropship plugin can import, so keep as many products as you wish.
  • Orders are fulfilled automatically, just over a click of order button. No manual process required.
  • It offers an auto order tracking system, which result in happy customers as it tracks their orders and send them email notifications automatically.
  • Not just the products, Alidropship Plugin also imports products reviews from Aliexpress, assisting customers to buy products based on the reviews.
  • To improve the sales figures, there are in-built Marketing Tools. It includes email list, discount coupons, abandoned cart, etc to increase conversation with customers.
  • With the cash-back system, you can earn more income for being an Aliexpress affiliate.
  • It gives you an option of low cost web hosting ($48/year). There is no subscription fees to be paid every month. Updates and 24/7support comes for free.
  • You can even order a custom web store with professional looking store themes absolutely free.
  • With the Woo Commerce support, you can add variety of Woo themes and extensions by availing the WooCommerce version of AliDropship plugin.


  • It is difficult to customize store if you are not familiar with WordPress. Also, you must have reliable host to handle your e-commerce store.
  • Alidropship plugin supports only built-in themes, therefore there is limitation in terms of design and looks. It is not compatible with only with Da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Rembrandt themes.
  • The plugin has limited available payment gateways.

Get Started with AliDropship

3. Worldwide brands

Pros: They have one of the biggest directories with over 9,000 suppliers that give you access to millions of products.

The company ensures that each supplier found in their directory undergoes a rigorous certification process to ensure their legitimacy. That way you know everyone is legit so you don’t have to worry.

Worldwide brands is also working extremely hard on finding and listing new suppliers. So with time you will find more and more products to list and sell on your store.

The good thing is that you only need to pay one-time fee to use Worldwide brands which is something extremely rare in the industry.

Cons: The one-time fee is not cheap – $299 and for that you pretty much get their impressive directory. (It is currently on sale for $249).


Worldwide brands is lacking many features that other drop shipping providers will offer you.

You won’t find automated listing tools, website packages, or custom file uploads here.

Another thing to keep in mind is that once you sign up, they will do their best to upsell you things such as offers, coaching, books, other products, etc. This might annoy some users.

Buy Once For $249 at

4. Doba

Pros: Doba has one of the largest product offerings that aggregates over 2 million products from nearly 200 suppliers.

It also has one of the easiest user interface to use which makes it great to use for not so tech savvy people.

Doba saves you time by allowing you to add a large amount of products at once.

You can create inventory notifications for when products have low inventory or go out of stock.

It also provides you with outstanding support through phone, email and live chat.

Cons: Shipping speed might vary because Doba is working with 200 suppliers. Its API can be used to automatically place orders of products but technical expertise is required and might not be an option for a small site.

Doba is one of the most expensive drop shipping options.

You can subscribe by monthly or early basis. The later saves you some costs but are still more expensive than other options.


There is a free trial but a credit card it required to sign up and it also has some limitations – only 150 products you can add to your inventory and you can expert data 10 times.

5. Dropship direct

Pros: Dropship direct is the best drop shipping service when it comes to pricing. They don’t charge you a monthly or yearly subscription fee. You will pay only $9.97 for their PushList technology.

PushList is a data feed technology that gives you one of the best back-end management of any dropshipper. You can use it to add products automatically to the marketplace or website you plan to use to sell the products.

A big advantage of Dropship is that it gives you an opportunity to customize your packaging.

You can choose to exclude any information about the warehouse or supplier on the packing slip. This will help you better develop your brand.

Cons: One of the biggest cons of using Dropship direct is that you will need to make your orders manually.

When a customer makes an order, you will need to login to your Dropship account and make the order through the site. You can also email the order to Dropship Direct.

Another big disadvantage is that they don’t have a big directory – they list only 100 suppliers offering 75,000 products. Which is not much compared to other options.

6. Wholesale2b

Pros: Wholesale2b has the best shipping options of all other drop shipping services. You can place orders directly from the created website’s admin dashboard.

There is no need to login into login to the dropshipper’s site do that. Which will saves you tons of time.

With Whilesale2b you can add products to your watch list and receive notifications when they run low on inventory. This will help you better manage your online store.

Cons: Unfortunately, Wholesales2b are lacking when it comes to customer support. You won’t be able to use phone and email to contact them.

The only way to do that it through the support ticket system they use.

The other bad thing about Whosales2b is that they don’t offer you much when it comes to tools to help you analyze your sales and performance of the products you choose to sell.

There are too many plans so it might be hard for you to choose which one is the right for you.


7. Sunrise Wholesale

Pros: It has pretty good options to integrate with leading shopping site platforms. Allows you to export products, including images and descriptions to eBay, Amazon and your own website.

It has great features on selling on eBay. You can integrate your eBay account and list products directly from the product page on Sunrise Wholesale.

Then you can analyze the products to understand more about the market and adjust your prices.

It has great integration with Shopify and BigCommerce. If you’re using them, your orders placed on your site can be processed directly without you needing to log in to your Sunrise Wholesale account.

They offer you a 7-day free trial that allows you to see the products and what features are available. After that you can chose to pay monthly or early.


Cons: Sunrise Wholesale offers only 16,000 products from 7 suppliers which might not be enough for your needs.

Sunrise Wholesale will charge you a 20% restocking fees for non-defective products your customers return. So you must be really careful what you sell to be able to prevent loses.

8. National Dropshippers

Pros: National Dropshippers offers the quickest shipping speeds among most dropshippers – with shipping speeds between one to three days.

It has a good directory of products – around 250,000 items you can choose from in a variety of categories.

National Dropshippers has many of the inventory and back-end features that we consider important. You can export products, images and descriptions to the website or marketplace you plan on selling the products through.

You can pay them to build your own ecommerce site for just $199. They also offer you a variety of plans to choose from:


Cons: National Dropshipper lacks analytical and research tools to help you make decision what products to sell.

It also doesn’t notify you of new products, even if you get notification for low inventory products.

You also need to log in into your National dropshippers account to order the products placed on your website manually.

Additionally, they don’t have any educational resources about drop shipping so you will need to learn it by yourself.

9. Investory Source

Pros: Investory Source give you access to 1 million products from almost 100 different suppliers.

You can use data feeds to export products, including descriptions and images, to your website or a marketplace of your choosing.

Investory Source can even build a website for you if you still don’t have one.

There is a forever free plan. Something that no other supplier offers.


Cons: A major disadvantage of Investory Source is that they charge you for each supplier you use. You pay a monthly rate for 1 supplier and a smaller rate for each additional one you use.

The rates depend on your plan and what you use it for – data feeds are cheaper than having a website been built for you. Dropship fees, restocking fees, and shipping and handling costs vary depending on the suppliers you choose to work with.

With the free plan you will also need to contact the suppliers directly and manage the relationships with them manually to setup how your orders will be proceeded.

Investory Source also don’t list their full catalogue of products on their website.

10. Megagoods

Pros: If you specialize in electronics Megagoods might have exactly what you need for a small cost.

It is one of the cheapest options with $14.99 per month.

The good thing is that you can check the products before signing up. So you will know in advance if it is the right drop shipping service for you or not.

Megagoods gives you good shipping speed – products reach buyers within one to two days.

Cons: Megagoods has a really low inventory of 2,000 products only in electronics. Which won’t make it a good option for you if you’re looking for more variety.

This drop shipping service also lacks analytics and new-product notification features.

Exporting products to your site is possible but it is not as easy as other services. The images that you get are not stored on the dropshipper’s service and you need to download them in ZIP format.

You also have 3 files for all different image sizes so uploading them and managing your products will cost you more time.

You can’t automate the orders and you will need to log-in into your Megagoods account to make the orders manually.

11. Dropship design

Pros: You pay one-time fee with most plans. There are 4 options available: a basic dropship plan, a data feed plan, an eBay plan and a website plan.

Only with the website plan you will need to pay a monthly fee.


The marketing plan will automatically place orders for you so you don’t need to login to Dripship design’s account to do that manually.

It also has good inventory and back-end features. You can export products to your website, including descriptions and images.

Cons: What sucks about Dropship design is that there is no way to contact support via phone or email. You can only reach them through a ticket system.

It also lacks shipping options. The speed range is between 5 to 10 days and there is no option for same day shipping. International shipping is available only in the UK.

Unfortunately, you can’t export products to most marketplaces like Amazon. However, you can do that to your eBay account.

Dropship design is missing analytics and research tools. You won’t get notified when new products arrive but still you will have low-inventory notifications.

In conclusion:

Take a look at the 10 drop shipping companies we listed in the post, visit their websites and research them further.

There is no single one that is the best. They all have pros and cons.

It all depends of your business, niche and what matters for you more.

Which drop shipping company are you currently using? Do you consider other options? Let us know in the comments below.


by Martin

Martin Zhel is an inbound marketing expert and Founder of Orior Creative. He specializes in SEO, content marketing & conversion rate optimization.

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