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Clickfunnels vs Leadpages vs Instapage vs Unbounce

For any business, landing pages are necessary. The best landing pages will help convert page visitors into e-mail subscribers, which will then turn them into product users, and eventually into active customers. Being able to convert webpage visitors into customers is the ultimate goal of all businesses, and also of all landing pages.

There are many different landing page builders but ClickFunnels, LeadPages, InstaPage, and Unbounce are leaders in the landing page market. Here is a review of all four.


ClickFunnels makes it easy for people who want to transform a great idea, market a product, or sell a service to take their dream and turn it into a sales funnel that is well-designed to help convert website visitors into customers.

Whether you want to build landing pages, billing pages, or build webinars, ClickFunnels can help you make it happen. The thoroughness of ClickFunnels is what makes it a desired platform.


ClickFunnels is the only platform that doesn’t just build landing pages, but also builds sales funnels. People who use ClickFunnels can take advantage of over 33 different features. Here’s a little more about a few of the top features.

ClickFunnels is a little more complex than its competitors because it has you create a set of landing pages that are designed to help your visitors go through to reach a goal. Each marketing funnel typically includes opt-in pages, sales pages, an e-mail autoresponder, and order forms at minimum. Each funnel has a different template which makes it easy to build your landing pages.

Their payment processing tool offers more than some of its competitors. It allows for down sells and upsells, and it processes all payments directly on your sales page, digitally.

The pre-designed templates are diverse and professional. If you don’t like a certain template, or you want to re-design a template to better fit your needs, all sections are customizable which means you can add, move, or remove videos, taglines, and many other sections.

ClickFunnels has an integrated affiliate platform to encourage product promotion, and it also allows integration with many of the most popular e-mail service. For users who don’t want to integrate their e-mail, ClickFunnels also has an integrated e-mail provider, which allows you to create autoresponders, and professional looking e-mails.

For new users, ClickFunnels has a great educational section with many tutorials and free content.


ClickFunnels has two different pricing options, and both have a 14-day free trial. The lower-tiered plan costs 97 dollars a month and allows members to have 100 pages, up to 20 funnels, unlimited contacts and members, and up to 20,000 visitors a month.

The top-tier of service is called the Etison Suite and costs 297 a month. For businesses who outgrow the basic plan, or who have bigger needs, the Etison Suite offers unlimited funnels, pages, and visitors.

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LeadPages is a cloud based platform for building landing pages. For anyone who doesn’t want to learn how to code or modify the back end of their websites, Leadpages is set up to make designing and running it easy.

Known for its ability to grow e-mail lists, LeadPages offers several other services to its members. Here are a few of them.


One feature LeadPages offers that is different from its competitors is that it has two different landing page editors. The first editor is for beginners and has basic customization. The advanced version gives users full ability to delete, re-arrange, and add elements to their landing pages.

LeadPages hosts webinars by allowing you to embed a live Google Hangouts broadcast into their webinar templates. You are also able to create a chat box to allow communication between you and your viewers during the webinar.

They have over 130 landing pages templates, and allow any member to create landing page templates to sell to other members. All their landing pages are mobile and desktop friendly.

Landing Pages also allows members to create popup windows to get a visitor’s attention. The popups can be set to appear whenever you want, and help to encourage visitors to sign up for your e-mail newsletter.


Like ClickFunnels, LeadPages offers a free 14- day trial period. They offer three different pricing tiers, including standard, pro, and advanced. The standard pricing is 37 dollars a month and gives you access to LeadPages and LeadBoxes. The pro pricing is 79 dollars a month and gives you access to all features. The advanced annual pricing is 199 a month and is for businesses who want sub-accounts and the template importer feature.

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InstaPage is a cloud based landing page builder only, but with a lot of features. It is intuitive, which makes it easy to use. It has a whole host of features like A/B testing, editable templates, lead capture forms, and easy integrations with many sites.

Here is more information about some of its most popular features.


If you can dream a website, you can most likely create it on InstaPage with the massive number of buttons, videos, and images you can add to make your pages look exactly how you want.

InstaPage has a built-in analytics tool that allows you to analyze page performance by percentages, date ranges, and unique visitors versus conversion rates. All the A/B testing results are available in the dashboard.

InstaPage Heatmaps is another great feature that helps in optimizing your landing page. It allows you to track the behavior of your visitors to know how far down the page they scroll, which elements they clicked on, and where they spend most of their time.


InstaPage plans start with the core plan, which is 68 dollars a month. For many users, the core plan can accomplish what you want. If you need more, the Optimizer plan is 113 dollar a month. The Optimizer plan is where you can get the A/B Testing and Heatmaps features added. The last plan is the Team and Agency Plan, for 203 dollars a month, and allows for up to 15 sub-accounts and branded lead notifications, among other features.

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The first landing page platform to be built was Unbounce, and it functions most similarly to InstaPage. Unbounce is a powerful editor that allows you to customize almost every element of your landing pages. It can be viewed as complex for new users, but there are great tutorials available to help.

It is a drag-and-drop builder, like the others, which means you can add images, video, text, and maps onto your page with ease. Unbounce has a lot of great features, and here is a review of a few of them.


Unbounce has a text replacement feature that automatically swaps out keywords from your landing page, and matches with keywords that your potential customers have searched for. Instead of having to create different landing pages for each different keyword, Unbounce makes it easy to have it all in one.

The Unbounce page builder offers downloadable files, like e-books, and social media integration.

While its main feature is landing pages, Unbounce also allows users to create sticky bars on your websites. Sticky bars are bright forms that help you get more conversions by drawing attention to your offers. Even more positive, you don’t have to pay for more traffic.

Members can also create overlays, also known as pop-up windows, at any point where it will best reach your website visitors. If you want to use overlays, you can choose from templates or customize them, and then choose if you want it to popup when someone arrives on your site, when they leave, after a few seconds, after the scrolls, or when they click on a designated item.

The landing pages and pop-ups are easily integrated with most of the top e-mail platforms, like WordPress, AWeber, and MailChimp.


There are three different pricing plans for Unbounce. The Essential plan starts at 79 dollars a month. The Premium plan is 159 dollars a month, and includes client sub-accounts and more published landing pages. The Enterprise plan is 399 a month and offers all features on Unbounce and more.

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Which One is Best?

As with most platforms, each of these landing pages builders offer a lot of their members. While each of them are similar in many ways, they also have specific differences that set them apart from competitors. Depending on what works best for your needs, each of these platforms are good; however, the landing page builder I feel like is the best, is InstaPage.

InstaPage is the most user friendly, with an intuitive interface, and its pricing matches its services very well. For new businesses, InstaPage is a great place to start because of how user-friendly it is.

Christy Bohrer

by Christy Bohrer

Christy Bohrer is a multi-topic blogger, with a passion for all things marketing and social media. She is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, language, music, writing, and unicorns. Christy is a lifetime learner, and loves to spend time attending classes, webinars, and summits.

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