7 Tips To Run A Successful Magento Ecommerce Store

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The growth of online retailing has increased dramatically nowadays.

As you can notice, various online stores sprout up everywhere. According to research, online sales have surpassed the increase of in sales through the traditional store format.

However, starting an  ecommerce business may require a demanding process because each consumer has unique needs and requirements.

A successful ecommerce store is not only about gorgeous look but also hold distinctive elements to generate sales.

Unlike most local department stores, products sold at online stores are not that tempting.

Building a great user experience coupled with tremendous marketing effort will make your site trustworthy and ensures consumer confidence in the items they are buying.

Quick and easy navigation and painless checkout are some of the common factors that need to be considered when designing your online store.

Once you have decided to start your own ecommerce store, you need to consider the following approach. These tips and tactics make the whole process simpler.

1. Create A User-friendly Shopping Cart

Building an ecommerce site is a time-consuming process, which can take months to get the site done.

Spending on a complicated shopping cart will only consume much of your time and leaving the more valuable content aside.

It is good to know that Magento offers a fully hosted, subscription-based cart that provides all the hosting, payment integration, and phone-based support and hosting.

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If you want a control over your site, Magento also comes with a decent feature that allows you to customize your shopping cart.

A good shopping cart should always make it obvious that something is added to the consumer’s shopping cart and a clear information about the items and the total cost (includes shipping and taxes if applicable) of the items.

Additionally, it should have a clear call to action in case the consumer wants to make changes to their purchase.

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2. Simplify Your Sign-up Process

Keep your sign-up process simple will turn more leads to customers. What makes it irritating about the sign-up process is asking for too much information.

The matter is, no one really wants to spend extra effort in the sign-up process and most of all people are always reticent about the information they are sharing.

We have seen many ecommerce sites that force the consumers to sign-up before they can actually place an order.

Although marketers use this tool to “lock-in” their customers, still this strategy have high chances of abandonment. In fact, 1 out of 4 abandoned online purchase are due to forced registration.

So ask yourself, do you really need to include a sign-up process? If there is a need to create one, make sure that it is real simple that even a person that is not tech savvy can do it in no time.

A simple form includes email address and password, login and register buttons, and forgot password link.

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3. Optimize For Search Engines

Not all customers will reach your site when they search for a certain product or category. If you want to show up your products ahead of your competitors in Google or other search engines then you need to optimize your ecommerce site.

The strategies for optimizing an ecommerce site are similar to any other websites. Typically, it requires a good title tag that includes your targeted keywords, a good content on the page, and some decent links from other web page to your web page.

Ensure that you have a set of unique product descriptions and other distinctive elements on every page to prevent duplicates.

Pages with duplicates are removed from search engines. So, why do you need to optimize your ecommerce site? Well, there are tens of thousands of ecommerce site out there that are just selling the same products as yours.

Optimizing your ecommerce site will not just drive traffic to your store but also increases revenue.

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4. Security

When it comes to money, security is always a serious concern.

As many have known, there are tons of online fiscal shams that are enough to restrain the customers.

To put make your Magento ecommerce site a success make sure to make payments actually secure and tell people about it.

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5. Offer Popular Payment Methods

An online store provides a global coverage for your products and services. Understanding the preferred payment methods of different markets will lead to more sales.

For instance, payment through credit card is more appropriate in the U.S. and U.K while bank transfers are preferable by Indian and Brazilian consumers.

Furthermore, French choose Carte Bleue, Germans like a bill, and Latin Americans prefer mobile transactions.

Offering a payment to a wide variety of consumers is highly significant for the success of your Magento ecommerce site.

6. Automatically Switch Currency For Every Geographic Location

Letting your potential customers to do the currency conversion will not help you acquire sales, rather consumers will leave your store immediately when they see an alien prices.

Do your customers a favor by automatically converting the currency as to the geographic location of the consumer accessing your site.

7. Make Use Of Social Media Sites

Social media never fails you to give you a good amount of traffic when done appropriately.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are just some of them. You can easily promote your products through these sites or allow your consumers do it.

This form of marketing is inexpensive that even big brands have attested to its efficacy for businesses.

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